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Favourite Petfluencers of 2020: Toast’s Picks of the Pack

2020 was for the birds. But also for the dogs. And the cats. Since there’s nothing more comforting than a companion animal, it makes perfect sense that we spent the year keeping up with cute critter content. Here’s a list of our favourite follows for anyone ready to add a bit of adorable to their feed. Toast is proud to present our favourite petfluencers of 2020. Fashion: Boobie Billie | @boobie_billie When it comes to

4 ways to give back this holiday season

Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season & Get Inspired

2020 has been a different year in so many ways, causing us to reflect on and adjust many parts of our lives. So, it’s no surprise that the holiday season may be a bit different this year, as well. We might not be able to crowd around the tree with friends or take in large concerts together, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still share in the spirit of the season. When thinking about

5 things to be thankful for in a pandemic thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in a Pandemic: Our 5 Top Things to Be Grateful For

The pandemic, the upcoming American election, and the overall state of the world can leave one feeling just a tad bit down. However, there’s always something to be thankful for, and we can have a thankful pandemic Thanksgiving. This year, our Toast Team selected 5 top picks that you can focus on being grateful for this Thanksgiving.  1. Thankful for teachers Here’s a teaching moment — teachers during any time of the year are always

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