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Playlists for every mood from the Toasty tunes collection
Music & Podcasts

Playlists for Every Mood in the Toasty Tunes Collection

Ready to get treated to some Toasty tunes? We have playlists for every mood, from your waking hours to end of day. Moody Moonlight Get hypnotized by the fireplace, watch the dancing flames and slip into mesmerized bliss with our Moody Moonlight Playlist. This playlist will aid and abet some deep introspection and indulge you in nostalgic memories of teenage romance. Get cozy, settle in, savour a glass (or bottle) of deep, red wine and

Favourite podcasts of 2020, Toast's handy cheat sheet
Music & Podcasts

Favourite Podcasts of 2020: Toast’s Handy Cheat Sheet

2020 taught us a lot. We learned independence, we learned perseverance and — maybe most importantly — we learned the fine, fine art of distraction. Enter favourite podcasts of 2020. Conveniently, podcasts are one of the best forms of distraction, and they came to our rescue this year. In droves. After all, nothing’s easier: just add earbuds and watch time blur by while you clean, cook, commute or avoid depressing news updates. Podcasts are informative,

The buffalo of Wanuskewin are featured on this YXE Underground podcast
Music & Podcasts

A Podcast About the Bison of Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Photo credit Rona Andreas  When Tara Janzen and Honey Constant, this month’s featured guests on the YXE Underground podcast, approach the 15 Plains bison that call Wanuskewin Heritage Park home, they don’t simply hang back and watch the animals. They walk up to the fence with curiosity and excitement. Their fingers wrap around the wire fence to get as close as they can to them. The bison of Wanuskewin Heritage Park are “my cousins” They

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