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Inside Toronto’s Only Mood Cafe: New Strange Love Coffee Opens

Published on October 21, 2021

Strange Love mood cafe in Toronto.

In the mood for caffeine? You’re in luck: Strange Love Cafe just opened its third location in Toronto, and it’s being touted as the city’s only mood cafe.

Strange Love Opens Brand-New Mood Cafe in Toronto

As the pandemic brought with it an influx of mental health challenges, Strange Love saw the need to provide a space for connection, reflection and relaxation. They pivoted their business model by launching a new line of wellness-focused products and a brand-new location that would serve as a place for people to come together, discover natural healing tools and boost their mood.

Located inside the One University building at 1 University Avenue, the new Strange Love mood cafe in Toronto is more than just your average coffee shop. It’s a wellness destination where you can escape from the daily stresses of the city to tap into gratitude and chill out.

Strange Love Cafe Provides Wellness-Focused Delights

The mood cafe is full of wellness-focused delights that are completely unique to this Strange Love location in Toronto. For example, you can boost your energy, sharpen your focus, manage stress and give your immune health a jump start with their mushroom-powered gummies.

Although the words “mushroom” and “gummies” may not sound like they go together, on the contrary — these vegan, non-GMO treats come in a delicious berry flavor that could double as dessert.

Developed by a team of health and science experts, the plant-based energy gummies contain cordyceps mushrooms and nine adaptogen mushroom extracts that are perfect for a pre-workout treat, an afternoon pick-me-up or a morning supplement. In addition to the energy gummies, the mushroom-powered goodies also come in brain boost, immunity, stress reset and multi-daily to suit your specific needs.

Check Out Strange Love’s Gratitude Wall

At the Toronto mood cafe, you’ll also find the “Strange Love Feelings Fridge” stocked full of unique beverages specially developed by their team of experts. Featuring wellness ingredients like adaptogens and antioxidants, these salubrious bevvies will help to support your mood, keep you calm and balance you out.

While you sip, check out some of their empowering attractions like the gratitude wall, where people can come together and be reminded of what’s truly important.

Try the Human Recharging Station    

You can also recharge (literally) with the BioCharger NG — a subtle energy platform that transmits four different types of energies including light, voltage, frequencies and harmonics, as well as pulsed electromagnetic fields, which Strange Love claims boosts overall wellness and cell health.

And of course — the coffee! When Strange Love pivoted their business model to take a new approach to wellness, they also launched their mood-boosting coffee, a collection of mushroom-powered mood boosters that can be added to any beverage for relaxation, energy or focus.

The Strange Love mood cafe is open now at 1 University Avenue in Toronto. In 2022, Strange Love will also be expanding to open new locations in Los Angeles and New York.

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Lead image courtesy Strange Love Cafe    

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Mackenzie Patterson is a Toronto-based writer and journalist. She enjoys long walks, iced coffee on tap, and discovering all the latest and greatest health and wellness trends.