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Stepping Up During the Pandemic - Vegetarian cuisine
Environment & Sustainability

Locally Sourced Healthy Food is at the Heart of Ox Verte

Responding to COVID-19 and delivering locally-sourced healthy food to households When COVID-19 hit NYC, Manhattan-based B Corporation Ox Verte decided to reposition their business from serving offices, to focus on preparing and delivering meals and groceries to residential households. This aligns with their focus on locally sourced healthy food. As

Shifting from Apparel to Masks - Vivacious Boutique Co
Environment & Sustainability

Locally-Made Ethical Clothing & Masks from Encircled

Since 2012, the Toronto-based apparel company, Encircled, have focused on designing and selling stylish, versatile and comfortable loungewear – locally-made ethical clothing. And while building a financially viable business is important to them, they perhaps take more pride in being a social purpose business, guided by an ethos of sustainability,

Shifting Mindsets Through COVID-19 - Non-profit organisation

Non-Profits Improve Fundraising Systems: The Good Partnership

Toronto-based company, The Good Partnership, works with small non-profits across Canada, helping them learn how to fundraise, achieve better results and figure out their systems and technology. With COVID-19, they’ve taken that work one step further and launched an online program that teaches organizations how to improve and increase their

Making the Planet a Priority - Toast
Environment & Sustainability

Businesses Tackle Climate Change Courtesy Carbon Capital Credit

Photos courtesy Carbon Credit Capital Carbon Credit Capital makes it simple for businesses and individuals to tackle climate change. By offering carbon-neutral programs and credits for purchase, this conscious business works with both international and local partners to make the planet a priority by reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Eco-Friendly Products and Free Hand Soap - Lotion
Environment & Sustainability

Eco-friendly Personal Care Products from Oneka Elements

Quebec-based company, Oneka Elements, has a focus on all things natural by creating eco-friendly personal care products and cosmetic products that are made to positively impact human health and water ecosystems. Free eco-friendly hand sanitizer to help fight COVID-19 Oneka Elements is a certified B Corporation company, meaning that they

The Launch of Managing 2020 - Company
Environment & Sustainability

“Managing 2020” Customized Programming by Raw Signal Group

Certified B Corporation businesses owners, Melissa and Johnathan Nightingale, certainly have a knack for management. Their Toronto-based business, Raw Signal Group, offers leadership and management training programs, including one-on-one coaching, live events and executive sessions. Staying ahead of the curve, they launched “Managing 2020” Customized Programming during COVID-19. Entering their

Paying it Forward - ITB Berlin
Environment & Sustainability

Strategic Business Model Consulting Focus of Halcyon Consultants

Ottawa-based Halcyon Consultants has a focus on all things sustainable. In their 12th year of business, the company is a certified B Corporation and provides strategic business model consulting services in innovation, and national and international risk compliance. Certified BCorps must meet the highest standards of transparency, accountability and social

Plastic bottle
Environment & Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Supplies for Businesses from the Raw Office

With Canadian offices in Toronto and Winnipeg, the Raw Office provides eco-friendly supplies for offices and businesses. As a certified B Corporation, their dedication to the environment and sustainability is evident, and can help other businesses lower their carbon footprint through better conscious business supplies. Distributing carbon-neutral COVID-19 supplies Founder

Helping Businesses Move Forward - Cultivator (Powered by Conexus)
Environment & Sustainability

TACK10 Builds Client Success Through Core Value Drivers

Ontario consulting firm, TACK10 is a certified B Corporation doing their part to help businesses re-establish themselves in a sustainable and prosperous way during COVID-19. Working for and with their clients, TACK10 builds client success and aims to leverage the nine core value drivers of strategic partnership, which includes communication

Boosting Iron Levels, One Fish at a Time - Orange
Environment & Sustainability

Lucky Iron Fish Works at Reducing Iron Deficiency

Iron is an important nutrient that fuels energy levels, memory and cognitive function, and helps the blood move oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. As a key piece to overall health and the body’s functioning, iron is also important for being able to fight off diseases

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