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raccoon at night in video game
For Fun

Raccoon Video Game Lets You Roam Toronto as a “Trash Panda”

Once dubbed the “raccoon capital of the world” by Pro-Pest, Toronto has gained global status as a hotspot for the furry trash bandits — whether the city’s residents like it or not. While some may see the creatures as a major nuisance and a hindrance to our waste management system,

a swimming turtle with plastic in its mouth, save the oceans
Environment & Sustainability

Save the Oceans: 5 Ways to Help Make a Difference

The earth’s surface is 71 per cent water, and 96.5 per cent of this water exists in the form of oceans. It goes without saying that our oceans are an essential component of the earth’s ecosystem and need to be protected to ensure a sustainable future. However, due to the

man doing meditation, the breath alchemist
For Good

The Breath Alchemist: Christopher August’s Journey to a New Life

While living in a small rural village in Tanzania, Christopher August discovered what he wanted to do for a living. And it was a big change from the day-to-day life he left behind in 2014.     August, also known as “The Breath Alchemist” was working in the corporate world for

outside Toronto Maple Leafs stadium, and athletes who gave back

Athletes Who Gave Back During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Like the rest of the globe, the sporting world has felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Restrictions on public gatherings, combined with COVID-19 outbreaks, has resulted in game cancellations, league suspensions and disrupted schedules.   Despite having to deal with plenty of disruptions to their sport, many athletes still

man working at desk with sore neck needing massage tools

Massage Tools You Need if You Work at a Desk All Day

Whether you’re hunched over a laptop, in the midst of a texting rampage, or craning your neck to watch TV, the world we live in is pretty much designed to give us neck and back pain. Tense muscles can reduce your range of motion, decrease flexibility and ultimately lead to

2 men in black attire hosts of convicted life podcast
Game Changers

ConvictED Life Podcast Launched to Help Incarcerated Individuals

It’s not easy to have a fresh start in life when you have to tick off “convicted of a felony or crime” on a job application. But entrepreneurs Travis Richey and Zach Babcock are hoping to change that. Richey and Babcock have just launched the ConvictED Life podcast, which features

teenage boy and girl in a hallway, my so called life
For Fun

“My So-Called Life” Taught Me Lessons in Love & Growing Up

I have vivid memories of lying in bed in 2003 as a 13-year-old, listening to Nirvana on my iPod (remember those?) while crying over some boy. I was always feeling my feelings — and feeling them hard. With two siblings much younger than me, and a perceived lack of attention

girl hiking in lush green forest

5 Natural Mood Boosters to Get Your Spirit Soaring

Keeping your spirits up during the pandemic can be tough. Especially when there’s restrictions around activities that would typically bring you joy. Maybe you miss the routine of going to the gym and getting your sweat on, or eating a sit-down meal in your favourite restaurant, or simply spending time

woman standing with leg up, sylvia worsham coaches parents

Sylvia Worsham Coaches Parents to Navigate Change

Sylvia Worsham​ is an inspirational speaker, a turning points coach and a mastermind trainer for professional men and women. She describes her mission as helping professional parents navigate change with confidence, joy and faith: “My number one value is integrity.” As a healthy woman in her mid-30s, Worsham was a

men preparing food for guru nanuk food kitchen
Game Changers

Guru Nanak Free Kitchen Offers Hundreds of Free Meals Every Sunday

Sewa — selfless service without any thought to reward or personal gain — is an important part of Sikh tradition. And Sewa is what guides the dedicated volunteers and donors behind Guru Nanak Free Kitchen. Named after the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Free Kitchen gives out hundreds of food

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