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There’s a Drive-In Drag Show Coming to Saskatoon

Published on June 7, 2021

dancers at a drag drive-in front of large red lips

Looking for a COVID-friendly way to celebrate Pride Month this June? The YXE Drag Collective will be performing a drive-in drag show at the Saskatoon Inn and Conference Centre parking lot on June 12th. Part of the proceeds of the show will be donated to OUTSaskatoon to support the work they do for the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Drive-in Drag Show Touring Across the Prairies

The show is part of the collective’s tour across the Prairies, Drag Me to Saskatchewan, which began in Moosejaw on May 29th and will hit Humboldt and Regina before stopping in Saskatoon on June 12th as part of the city’s Pride Festival. The tour runs through June and July until August when the group will stop in Yorkton and Battlefords.

The YXE Drag Collective’s mission is to create and share queer art across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. A statement on their website reads: “We are the new virilization point of queer art on the prairies. While drag is the foundation of our collective, we welcome and are happy to promote all queer artistry across the prairies.”

The team consists of six artists who have been performing in drag shows anywhere from one to 30 years. The collective’s chair, Blake Tait or “Junior Mint” as he’s called on stage, has been performing in drag for almost seven years.

Drag as a Form of Art and Activism 

“I’m super excited about this project!” Tait writes on the collective’s website. “Working with some of my favourite people in the world and giving back to the community that’s made me who I am is incredible. We’re so excited to be doing this for y’all and all the support from you has made me so happy and is giving me the drive to keep this going to keep you folks entertained and safe!”

Not only do the team members use drag as a creative outlet and form of expression, but performers like Jory McKay or Sad Sally, who has been active in the Saskatchewan queer community for years, also consider it a powerful form of activism and a strong community builder.

“Charity work is a big part of my life, and these shows are no exception to that commitment!” McKay writes on the collective’s website. “Drag is a form of art and activism, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will use my platform to shine light on important causes!”

Tickets for Drive-in Drag Are on Sale Now

The rest of the team includes Ciel Butler or Stony Mac, Hazel Evoy or Karma K Meleon, Jonathan McCloy or Majik Trixx, Nolan or Mia Beretta, Mara Pistachio, Yada, Lala Bottome and Amy Grant.

All ticket sales for groups who are attending the show in a vehicle or on foot must be purchased for people living in the same household bubble. Add this to your list of fun things to do in Saskatoon and buy tickets for the show at Eventbrite.ca.

Photo courtesy YXE Drag Collective

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