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Ultimate Nomad Packing List, aka Comforts I Can’t Live Without

I grew up in boarding school, so I spent years packing and unpacking. I’d pack to go home on Fridays, then pack again on Sundays to return to school. Through these years of back and forth, I eventually developed what I call “packing angst.” Little did I know that years later, I would be developing an ultimate nomad packing list. The angst manifested in my adult life in the form of irrational overpacking. For example,

Cover graphic for Toast article, Islands in the Sun
Travel & Vacations

Islands in the Sun: Pack Up & Work in Paradise

As a recent nomadic convert, I made the decision to trade my expensive, fast-paced city life for the slow, affordable island life. Thousands of kilometres away from The Big Smoke, I’ve embraced the islands in the sun. I’m now surrounded by palm trees, a crystal blue ocean, fresh, clean eating, and more sunshine than I could ever possibly absorb. With most workplaces now remote-friendly, more destinations have made it easy for digital workers to relocate

Toast travel trend forecasts for 2021, and here is a whale and its baby in the ocean
Travel & Vacations

Toast Travel Trend Forecasts for 2021: Take 5

Prepare for Take-Off What better way to start off 2021 than with Toast travel trend forecasts? Pre-2020 travel is, quite literally, a thing of the past. The masklessness, the countless high-touch surfaces both in the sky and at the terminal, the snacks, the drinks and those grimy seat-pocket magazines — now, it all seems impossible, if not abhorrent. However, travel has changed with the times. Now, there’s increased security, complete with health screening, plus a

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