Finding Pandemic Love through Virtual Dating

Published on April 17, 2020

The Search for Love During a Pandemic - Saskatchewan

Initially, life seemed to screech to a halt when COVID-19 hit. People panicked and were forced to isolate themselves. Those who were isolating solo truly felt the impact of being alone. They craved human contact and suddenly had an unusual amount of time on their hands — a time to pause and a time for reflection. Welcome to the world of virtual dating and finding love during a pandemic.

Within a few weeks, many realized that life didn’t have to come to a complete standstill. They adapted their ways and became creative while still conforming to the rules set out by the government. Matchmakers and online dating sites saw a dramatic increase from people wanting to find a connection. People realized they did not want to ride the storm alone. The search for love ought not to be rushed and now circumstances were forcing people to slow down the pace.

As connections were being made, people spoke and got to know one another by telephone initially and then virtually. Many spoke for hours, establishing the groundwork needed for a strong relationship. Physical distancing forced intimacy to be put on the back burner. When dating virtually, one doesn’t have to worry about the imminent first kiss or who is going to pay for the date. This way, people truly get to know one another and intimacy can follow in due course.

Things to do when virtual dating & seeking love during a pandemic

There are many activities you can do together while dating virtually, including online trivia games, board games, and having a meal delivered to both of you while enjoying it virtually.

Sharing travel photos can be interesting as well. If your date has been presented by a professional matchmaker, most services would screen the individual, including a criminal record check. If you have met this individual online, extra caution must be taken to ensure their intentions are genuine and they are who they claim to be.

Once you feel a comfort level and you have had several virtual dates, offer a virtual tour of your surroundings. Show your date how you live and what your style is without the need to reveal your address. You can make a list of all of the things you will do together once social distancing is no longer required.

These new times have demonstrated to people what is truly important to them and what they desire for their lives. Love is typically at the top of the list and taking the time to get to know someone can be the best investment in a relationship.

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