Your Inspiration Calendar for May 2022

Published on April 25, 2022

Toast Free Inspiration Calendar for May 2022

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, and this edition of our free Inspiration Calendar focuses on activities that will lead to positive effects on your mental health and wellbeing. Each day, we feature a simple activity you can do to care for your mental health, educate yourself on the topic, or show support to others in your life who may need it.

Whether you’re looking for a good chuckle over funny dog videos, a helpful guide to meditation, or some inspirational folks opening up about their own mental health journeys, there’s something for you on this calendar!  

Add it to your Google Calendar or iCal with just a couple clicks and get ready for your days to feel a little extra sparkly. You can also download the interactive PDF version to save to your desktop or to print and hang on your wall.

Tip: To subscribe to the Google Calendar, click the “Add to Google Calendar” button above. The calendar will open in a new tab. Click the small, blue + icon in the bottom-right corner of the page to add the Toast Inspiration Calendar to your calendar list. Then, get ready to enjoy a little splash of fun and inspiration on your schedule!

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