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National Indigenous Peoples Day poster
Social Movements

How to Celebrate 2021 National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada

June 21st, 2021 is National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada, a day devoted to recognizing and celebrating the contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples. In honour of this day, we wanted to share a list of resources to help you educate yourself on the culture, history, traditions and

Social Movements

New Video Campaign Launched to Stop Asian Hate in Canada

Over the past year, anti-Asian racism and hate crimes have been on the rise in Canada. Since it began, the COVID-19 pandemic has been fuelling Anti-Asian racism in the country and around the world, and advocacy organizations have been calling for change. The ACT2endracism Network is one of these organizations.

2 Ryserson students saking hands since creating an app for vaccine booking
Game Changers

Vaccine Booking Easy Thanks to App Created by Ryerson Students

Over 61 per cent of Canadians have now received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and while that’s definitely a milestone to celebrate, the process of reaching it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Many Canadians have felt discouraged as vaccine appointments were cancelled or rescheduled, or they had

scientist in food lab under pink lights supported by virtual cultivator event
For Good

Virtual Cultivator Event Looking for Next Big Agriculture Startup

If you work in the agriculture industry, you know farmers are truly some of the best problem solvers in the game. They’re constantly dreaming up creative and innovative solutions to everyday problems, which is why agriculture attracts some of the best and brightest talent out there. To celebrate the up-and-coming

girl in a forest on next hot girl walk
Health & Fitness

5 Empowering Thought Prompts for Your Next Hot Girl Walk

So you’ve heard of Hot Girl Summer, but what’s the Hot Girl Walk, and why should it be the latest component of your wellness routine? Originally popularized by TikTok users looking to “glow up” for summer, the Hot Girl Walk is really just a catchy term for a daily walk

multicoloured pre-made paper flowers
Beauty & Fashion

5 Pandemic Wedding Trends That are Here to Stay

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve completely changed how we celebrate our most memorable moments — the birth of a child, family gatherings, birthdays and the special day when we say YES to love. It’s no secret the wedding industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, and

office after covid 19 with white furniture, plants and glass

Your Office After COVID-19: What Will it Look Like?

The relationship between public health and architecture is more closely linked than you might think. Health crises of the past like tuberculosis during the industrial revolution and the 1918 flu pandemic acted as catalysts for many common design features we take for granted today like the use of white tiles,

blue lounge on a ship viewing fish through glass windows
Travel & Vacations

A Pause for Spas: 4 Ways to Achieve Wellness Through Travel

Travel research is my favourite hobby. I used to start each year with a travel bucket list. I liked to research the perfect resort — one with picturesque beaches and lots of fun-in-the-sun activities. I always booked it early in the year so I had something to look forward to.

sumac in wooden spoon for israeli cookalong
Food & Drinks

Israel Cookalong Unites Home Cooks From All Over the World

Food journalist Miriam Kresh started cooking online last year as a way to socialize during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Now her “Israel Cookalong” class draws participants from Israel, Canada, the United States and South Africa who cook together over Zoom. “It’s been a great way to meet up with old friends and

3 cell phones with fonrtfundr information
Game Changers

Frontfundr Provides Everyday Canadians with Dragons’ Den Opportunities

What if you, me, anyone could invest in emerging companies that could change the world? What if we could invest in those companies from the very beginning?  Traditionally, investing in start-ups and early stage companies has been limited to angel investors, VCs and wealthy investors. The other 99% has been

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