Our mission & vision

toast is a source of positive, inspiring and helpful stories to encourage people to take better care of themselves, each other and the planet. Our vision is to inspire people to create a better world.

What we cover

Our readers describe our content as “different and deeper than standard media” and “engaging and interesting with a feel-good vibe.” We cover the following categories:


We report on the celebrities, athletes, activists, influencers, business owners and everyday people (and dogs!) making a difference in their communities and doing extraordinary things. We also cover quotes by inspiring people, breaking news (like how to help Ukraine) and events that showcase notable achievements like the Olympics or Oscars. 


We cover sustainability, with a focus on eco-friendly businesses, products and how we can all make lifestyle changes to heal the planet. We’ve heard the alarm about the climate crisis. It’s up to all of us to ensure it doesn’t fall on deaf ears.


Our health and wellness stories offer inspiration and advice backed by science on how to live your best life, from how to deal with stress at work to exercise tips for a healthy heart. We believe in taking a health at every size approach. You won’t find diet tips or dangerous fitness fads on our website.


We could all use a little more fun in our lives! Find it in our free monthly calendars, clips of cute dogs and hilarious babies, fun things to do and anything else we think will put a smile on your face. 

Our Team

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Silvia Pikal
President & Editor-in-Chief
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Staff Writer
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Digital Marketing Specialist