Our vision

We share positive, inspiring and helpful news to brighten your day.

This includes stories about inspirational people and businesses doing good in the world; helpful information like how to boost your mood or fight climate change; and just for fun stories to put a smile on your face.

We’re called toast, and we toast to life. Think: clinking glasses. Think: celebrating the remarkable contributions of humanity. You’ll see us overuse this emoji: 🥂 We’re not an homage to sliced bread, even though that’s what the bread lobbyists want you to think.

what you’ll find on toast

People and businesses doing good

We report on people making a difference in their communities and doing extraordinary things.

Environment and sustainability

We cover environment and sustainability, with a focus on how we can all make lifestyle changes to heal the planet. We’ve heard the alarm about the climate crisis. It’s up to all of us to ensure it doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

Social movements

We explore the social movements that spark change and provide information on how we can educate ourselves and promote social justice in our communities. We all have a responsibility to create a more compassionate culture.

Health and wellness

Our health and wellness stories offer inspiration and advice on how to live your best life, from mental wellness to fitness. We believe in taking a health at every size approach. You won’t find diet tips or dangerous fitness fads on toast.

Just for Fun

The for fun section is where you’ll find our free monthly inspiration calendars, cute dog videos and things to do..

toast offers what our readers call “different and deeper than standard media” and
“engaging and interesting content with a feel-good vibe.”

We’re here to toast to all the good things in life, and that involves caring for ourselves, each other and the planet. Cheers 🥂!

Our Team

Silvia Pakel
Silvia Pikal
Managing Editor
Writer Mackenzie Patterson seated in a sunny room
Mackenzie Patterson
Staff Writer