Helping Purposeful Entrepreneurs Grow Profit

Published on December 17, 2020

ShiftCo helps purposeful entrepreneurs grow profit
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There is growing awareness that business can be a force for good instead of a vehicle for greed. Now more than ever, the world needs entrepreneurs who are committed to making the world better, as well as building a profitable business. Helping purposeful entrepreneurs grow is the solution.

Shift/Co™ is focused on helping purposeful entrepreneurs grow

Teaching entrepreneurs how to grow profitable, thriving brands is the focus of a global business growth community, Shift/Co™, which has offices in Toronto, Seattle, Phoenix, New York City, Dallas, Buffalo and Austin.

Entrepreneurship has always been a driving force in industry and society transformation, and in many ways, it will be entrepreneurs that restore the goodness in business.

This is why Shift/Co™ designed a Conscious Business Growth Platform™, which provides a clear roadmap for entrepreneurs who want more success with building a profitable AND purposeful business.

Conscious entrepreneurship is different from traditional business in three ways:

  1. Purposeful businesses evolve as much as they grow. There are three stages to evolve a start-up to $1M in annual revenue, and a total of six stages to go from a start-up to over $10M in annual revenue. Shift/Co created the Conscious Business Growth Platform™ to guide entrepreneurs through these stages.
  2. Traditional marketing strategies are incongruent with conscious entrepreneurship. Potential customers who are aligned with your business purpose are not going to be attracted by the old ways of discounting, advertising and other traditional lead generation methods. Most importantly, what works for one conscious entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily work for another. Over the last decade, we’ve tested and developed an Authentic Demand Generation™ methodology to teach entrepreneurs how to authentically grow purposeful businesses based on who they are, from their unique passion and purpose.
  3. Conscious entrepreneurs transform from the inside out as they grow their business. You can’t “fake it until you make it.”  

A truly purposeful business will take you grow and evolve your business.  It’s a journey to who you are becoming, as it is about the growth of the business.

So, Are You a Conscious Entrepreneur?

It’s not about the name of your company, which products or services you offer, or words you use on your website. Conscious entrepreneurs simply start their business with a passion for making the world better and want to become financially free through service to others. 

Find out if you’re a conscious entrepreneur HERE!

For more information on how Shift/Co™ is shifting humanity by elevating business, visit shiftco.global.

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