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Published on December 18, 2020

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What if there were a marketplace to shop your values and find socially responsible products and services? You know, things that make the world better in a marketplace of socially responsible brands?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to wave a magic wand and sort everything you want to buy according to the values you hold dear?

Wouldn’t life be easier if there was a single location where you could support conscious-based businesses that value people and sustainability over profit?

A Marketplace Where You Can Shop Your Values Among Socially Responsible Brands

And, what if this marketplace allowed conscious entrepreneurs to quickly build their own shop to offer their socially-responsible products and services to consumers?

Growing a conscious business requires fresh perspectives and strategies. You can’t use the same old methods that brought us unconscious commerce. Conscious business is collaborative; it serves the interests of all stakeholders, aligning purpose with profits.

Well, that marketplace already exists! Some say it’s Etsy meets Amazon, and the shop owners say there is nothing like it on the planet.

Based in Buffalo, New York, this powerful marketplace is THE platform where conscious brands find consumers who shop with conscious values.

For purposeful business owners, Mindful Market is THE marketplace where buyers come looking for you.

Shop Your values with Conscious Entrepreneurs at the Mindful market



Here’s How the Mindful Market Works for Conscious Entrepreneurs:

1)      Entrepreneurs set up a shop with a free 30-day trial.

2)      Define your values so you can be matched with buyers.

3)      Set up your shop.

4)      That’s it. There’s no fee for the sales of your products and services!

For consumers, Mindful Market is the ONLY place where you can shop and support conscious businesses that have your best interests at heart. And, all customer accounts are free and all the proceeds go straight to the conscious business offering them.

Jim Kupczyk visualized a world where the journey to total wellbeing was easy and affordable. He imagined a platform where small socially responsible business owners could make the world a better place and where their gifts wouldn’t go unnoticed. Then, he created a community where we could all take the journey together and help each other thrive.

Shop your values at the Mindful Market

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