Living Out Loud at Any Age: Advice for “Golden Living”

Published on January 10, 2021

Woman modelling in red jacket and black beret, living out loud at any age

Linda Jean Karst reflects on the blessings of vibrant living in her “golden years”

Photos by Wayne Slinn Photography

When Wayne Slinn approached me to do a photoshoot for a magazine, I was thrilled knowing that Wayne is one of the best photographers in Saskatchewan and has a high star rating with clients.

During the shoots, I learned the article was about seniors living their best life and having fun with adventurous choices just where their feet are. My immediate response to this statement was, that all sounds great, IF you have your health… because we all know that HEALTH IS GOLDEN. Some of us are also in the “golden years” of our life journey.

Mature woman living out loud, modelling an orange and black outfit and orange hat and sunglasses
Linda Jean Karst is living out loud in her “golden years”

I was motivated to write this article when Wayne stated: “Linda Jean, you are an inspiration to our youth and senior living… look at you! Who else is modelling at 72, and who else lives their life out loud and to the max like you do? You are enjoying all your adventures, taking backroad country excursions, landing roles in movies and commercials, teaching modelling workshops, enjoying yoga and piano… and still working!”

At 73, Wayne is also living his life out loud after retiring from teaching. For the past 20 years, Wayne has also been active in film and has spent the last 12 years casting movies. Now he has a photography business with the most diverse and outstanding backdrops. They were on display at a modelling workshop at the Soundstage where two other ladies and I instructed 60 young models. Wayne is a creative, adventurous photographer and is open to extreme makeovers, with shoots ranging from country backgrounds to city spaces.

A vibrant woman in her 70s living out loud, modelling a black and red jacket with black hat and sunglasses
Linda Jean Karst believes your “golden years” can be your best years

Every day is a gift and a blessing and I know my purpose is a service in helping others in my daily living. Loving-kindness, caring thoughtfulness and a positive attitude all contribute to our retirement in the GOLDEN YEARS that can easily be the BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE.

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