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Your Inspiration Calendar for October 2021

Published on September 29, 2021

Laptop featuring Toast's Inspiration Calendar for October 2021

This month, we’re toasting to spooky season and pumpkin spice everything!  

Our monthly calendar provides your daily dose of positivity and inspiration. We share recipes, ways to boost your mood, stories about inspirational people and more – anything we think will brighten your day. 

Download our calendar and save it to your desktop, or add it to your Google or Apple calendar. 

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The Author
Silvia Pikal is a writer and editor based in Calgary. She loves following her curiosity wherever it takes her, telling stories about the making of a ghost opera or the latest developments in health care. Her fiction and non-fiction have been published in dozens of magazines, a short story anthology and most notably, on Blindman Brewing beer cans. When she’s not writing or editing, she’s going on adventures with her husband, Derek, and their spunky rescue dog, Mala. Silvia is fuelled by the 3 C’s – coffee, cheese and chocolate.


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