Your Inspiration Calendar for September 2022

Published on August 26, 2022

Toast Inspiration Calendar for September 2022 in a bright orange gradient

This month, we’ve set out to pop some inspiration into your daily life! If you want to wake up your day with positive quotes, feel uplifted by stories about people doing good things in the world, learn simple tips on how to live better, or welcome fall with a giant glass of harvest sangria, we’ve got you covered!

Download or subscribe to our free calendar (no sign-up required!) and spread some goodness on your day! Each day, we give you something to help you feel good and do good for yourself, others or the planet.

Add it to your Google Calendar or iCal with just a couple clicks and get ready for an extra sprinkle of awesome on your days. You can also download the interactive PDF version to save to your desktop or print and hang, if that’s more your jam. Do you!

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The Author
Verna Johnson is an educator and digital marketing specialist based in Regina, Saskatchewan. She is passionate about learning, animals, social justice, and anything food-related.