some pairings were just meant to be.

champagne and oysters.

wine and cheese.

toast and you.

our story

What do we do here on the prairies? It’s got our big-city friends stumped. But not us.

We immerse in art, cheer for the teams even if we don’t know the rules, festival hop,

and enjoy all the local flavours that put Saskatchewan on the map.


It’s about finding your essence. Pop the cork. Raise a glass. Cheers the moment

with a clink of cups, a high-five, or maybe a little happy dance. Toast captures life

and all the ways we celebrate it. Get the good stuff through digital, print, and events

across Saskatchewan. 


Salut — from Toast to you.

our team


Crystal Reich

Crystal is the glue that keeps Toast together. With her personality and team mentality, what is it that Crystal can’t do? Want to chat anything Toast – call Crystal.


Sherry Lee

Skilled in team building, event management, media relations, the list goes on. Sherry is the go to for all things editorial, but not only that, she is a gem of a person.


Aric Roest

The man, the myth, the legend. Aric is the mad man behind this whole operation. From rebrands, to investing – Aric is the creative genius behind Toast.


Amber Moon

If you have had the pleasure of working with Amber, you would know her talent. So much design work goes on behind the scenes of a publication and Amber leads the way.

our vision

Toast is the perfect accessory for people on the go. For brands trying to keep up with readers seeking the best intel, scouting local hot

pots, and looking for insight on all of the issues-behind-the-issues, we’re the platform meeting them where they’re at.


Be a part of the most current editorial, flawless design, and inspiration that Saskatchewan turns to and savours.



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