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Aura Photography: What Can It Teach Us About Ourselves?

Published on November 14, 2021

Woman sitting in the lotus position in nature surrounded by a blue ring of light

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt like the vibes were just off? Or said you were feeling blue, seeing red, or green with envy? These kinds of sensory experiences can be related back to the concept of an aura, which in spiritual alternative medicine is known as an electromagnetic energy field surrounding each person, plant, or animal. Aura photography can capture the aura of a person and help you see yourself in a new light.

What Is Aura Photography?   

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The exact definition of an aura varies depending on the spiritual tradition, but in general, it can be thought of as a luminous body that exists just outside your physical one with multiple layers that are constantly interacting with one another.

Although the aura is typically invisible to the naked eye (unless you’re a psychic who claims to have extrasensory abilities), it can be captured through something called aura photography. Using a special camera, the electromagnetic energy surrounding our physical body can be reflected through photography, which can in turn show us new insights about ourselves.

True Colors: How to Interpret Aura Colors

Image of bright aura colors

The layers of your aura will typically emit different colors in varying shades of brightness. The colors can change overtime, but aura photographers say they can tell if someone is happy, vibrant and healthy versus depressed, anxious or sick depending on how bright or dim their aura layers are.

In addition, the colors themselves may have something to tell us about our overall mood and demeanor. For example, red can signify a sense of groundedness and determination, while blue may reveal someone’s true spiritual and intuitive nature.

Sizing Up: What the Size of Your Aura Can Reveal About You

A silhouette of a hand surrounded by warm-colored light - an example of aura photography

Your aura can also expand or contract in size. For some people, it may extend just a few inches away from their physical body, while for others, it may grow to fill up an entire room.

The impacts of this are pretty intuitive — a larger, more expansive aura will help you leave a lasting impression on people and make a big statement, while a more contracted aura that’s closer to your physical body will help you fly under the radar in social situations and avoid picking up energy from others too easily.

Holes, Tears and Dark Spots: Damaged Auras

Another characteristic of auras that can reveal much about our personal health, wellbeing and spiritual nature is the overall texture and quality of the energetic field.

For example, does your aura contain dark spots from past trauma, or holes that have been created by your soul leaving the body during times of stress or depression? These nicks or damage points are normal, but thankfully, you can work towards healing them.

Healing the Aura

Image of a person looking out a window into the sunlight

To cleanse and repair your aura, there are a few different things you can do. Meditation, positive affirmations and visualizations can do wonders for a broken or damaged aura, but you can also try booking a session with an energy healer who can help you heal.

At the end of the day, it’s never a bad idea to engage in powerful healing practices to help you cleanse, repair and improve your overall health and wellness. There’s no need to fear your aura — like the skin on our physical bodies, it’s there to help guide us towards a healthier life and spirit by sending us valuable messages from “beyond the veil.”

How to Get Started With Aura Photography

Practicing aura photography requires a special set of equipment, which can run you upwards of $16,000. You’ll need an aura camera (the pros use the AuraCam 6000 or the Coggins Camera), hand plates, an opaque background and a dark place to shoot.

If you’re just looking to experiment with aura photography but you aren’t willing to shell out that kind of cash to do it yourself, try finding an aura photographer in your area who can do a reading for you. Whether you believe in aura reading or not, you can appreciate the stunning images produced by this form of photography. 

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