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Model Thomas Michael Perras from Saskatchewan Goes Global

Published on June 14, 2020

Just Getting Started - Clothing

Thomas Michael Perras has worked with Edge Agency as a fashion model and actor since 2010. Currently working through his 10th year modelling overseas, he has landed contracts in almost 25 different locations around the world and been published in many magazine editorials, campaigns, look books, catalogues and billboards working for such brands as Phillips razor, Samsung, Renault Motors, Tissot, Vogue China, Bertolucci Milano, Tommy Hilfigure, KAPA, Huawei, FILA and IWC Schaffhausen. 

Model Thomas Michael Perras has acted and modelled worldwide

Walking in several fashion weeks, he has modelled for many designers including Fendi, Calvin Klein and Guess. Add in his work on multiple TV commercials, reality television shows worldwide, and Bollywood film sets, and Thomas believes he is just getting started.

EDGE AGENCY is a Saskatchewan-based model and actor management agency established in 1994. EDGE’S success comes from the quality and personalities of their models and actors, not the quantity.


Job – QTravellers

Photographers – Elenna Kourkoulopoulou AND  Iakovos Strikis 

Stylist – Popi Margariti 

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