These BookTok Influencers Are Changing the Game for Readers

Published on March 21, 2022

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With over 44 billion views, the BookTok community is changing the game for readers everywhere. The popular subcategory of TikTok videos is dedicated to celebrating great reads, connecting over stories and generally sharing a collective love of literature. BookTok influencers are taking the publishing word by storm by sharing their top recommendations and reviews of their favorite reads, which often skyrocket to the top of bestseller lists.

BookTok Is Ushering in a New Generation of Readers

Given that 60% of TikTok users today are between the ages of 16 and 24, BookTok is helping to usher in a new generation of young readers and breathe new life into the publishing industry. There’s no denying the online world has taken over many aspects of our lives, but as long as we’re still human, there will always be a place for reading actual books.

5 BookTok Influencers to Follow

Of course, BookTok wouldn’t be what it is today without the creative, brilliant and imaginative creators contributing to the community every day. There are thousands of incredible BookTok influencers out there today, but here are just five who are making a big impact on young readers everywhere:

1. Abbys_Library3

@abbys_library3 These books will have you hooked from the start #booktok #lifeisgooddance #abbyslibrary #katespadenyonthemove ♬ Forever (Slowed & Reverb) – toastool

With over 88,000 followers, Abby of Abbys_Library3 has built a solid community of fellow book lovers on TikTok. Abby posts regular book reviews on her account, as well as videos with creative concepts like “convincing you to read books based on their first lines.”

2. Lauryns_Library

@lauryns_library can never really get comfy either 🤣#bookworm ♬ Radetsky March Classic Classic(829541) – Yuumi Iida

Another one of the influencers who has carved out their own community within BookTok is Lauryn of Lauryns_Library. With over 303,000 followers, the 22-year-old literature lover often posts book roundups, reviews and content that only a true bookworm would understand.

3. xenatine

@xenatine #cityofbrass #thewayofkings #stormlightarchive #truthwitch #redrising #rageofdragons #strangethedreamer #thelastmagician #bloodheir #anemberintheashes #fantasybooks #bookrecs #grisha ♬ original sound – brittanywangbooks

Having established a unique social media brand, xenatine regularly posts BookTok challenges, book reviews and various TikTok trends with a literary twist. Sharing her current bookish obsessions, library tours and tips for choosing your next best read, xenatine has made an impact on over 150,000 BookTok lovers to date.

4. mcytzz1

@mcytzz1 Been gone awhile <3 #foryoupage #writing #fypシ #booktok #writingabook #booktok ♬ heal – a

Kayla, the BookTok influencer behind the handle mcytzz1, regularly posts book reviews of BookTok favorites like It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover and The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. But another aspect of her TikTok account that makes it unique is the fact that she shares creative writing prompts like, “If you were to write a book about losing someone you loved, what would the final line be?”

In this way, not only is Kayla helping to spark a love of reading in other TikTok users, but she’s also helping to inspire writers to get creative and craft stories of their own.

5. bumblebeezus

@bumblebeezus ✨Being a reader✨ Ib: @_guardianofthesand_ #booktok #book #bookclub #yafantasy #thecruelprince #redqueen #acotar #acomaf #jude ♬ wake me up.. – J-TREBLE

Lizzy, the 23-year-old influencer behind the handle bumblebeezus, has opened her BookTok community to readers of all ages, preferences and genres. In addition to sharing book recommendations and literature-themed jokes, Lizzy has also gone viral for her fantastical representations of what it’s like being an introverted book lover in a modern world.

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