Educate Yourself on Indigenous Cultures With These Online Courses

Published on November 4, 2021

Close-up of regalia worn by a pow wow dancer, an example of Indigenous culture

Learning about other cultures can help you increase empathy, gain understanding, and adopt a fresh perspective. Given the systemic racism and oppression that’s still apparent in North America, it’s especially important to educate ourselves about Indigenous cultures and the issues they have faced throughout history due to the devastating impacts of colonization.

There are several resources available online that can help you continue to learn and gain new insights on issues affecting Indigenous peoples. Continuous learning is the only antidote to ignorance, and if we hope to create a more accepting and compassionate culture, it all starts with doing our own research.

Learn About Indigenous Culture With These Online Resources

To help you along your educational journey, here are a few online resources that will help you learn more about Indigenous arts, culture and issues impacting Indigenous peoples:

1. Indigenous Awareness Training

The online Indigenous Awareness Training course will provide you with the skills necessary to build positive relationships with Indigenous people, no matter where you live. The course is comprised of five components including Indigenous peoples and cultures, communication and consultation and employment outreach, all designed to provide people with the essential background knowledge and context to communicate effectively with Indigenous communities.

2. Sacred Space Online Learning

With Sacred Space Online Learning, you can access several courses related to Indigenous issues focusing on spirituality, policymaking, dismantling white supremacy and much more. All courses are available online and on-demand, so you can learn at a pace that works for you.

3. Introduction to American Indian Studies

The Introduction to American Indian Studies course provided by the University of North Dakota is a helpful resource for anyone looking to gain background knowledge of Indigenous culture in the United States. The course also provides an overview of common stereotypes and ethnocentrisms, which will help make you more aware of some of the diverse issues at play in North America.

4. Salmon, People, and Place

Salmon, People, and Place by the University of Alaska explores the special relationship between salmon and the Indigenous people of Alaska. The six-week course is completely free, only takes about three to four hours a week to complete, and it will provide you with a fascinating overview of how salmon has profoundly influenced North American culture throughout history.

5. Indigenous Canada

The Indigenous Canada course, provided by the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Native Studies, is designed to help people explore current and historical Indigenous issues in Canada. Covering topics like the fur trade, land claims and environmental impacts, political conflicts and alliances, and Indigenous political activism, the Indigenous Canada course from the University of Alberta will provide you with a comprehensive overview of some of the main issues faced by Indigenous communities. To learn more about the culture, history, traditions and art of Indigenous communities in Canada, here’s a list of resources we compiled for 2021 National Indigenous Peoples Day.

Pow Wow Regalia Closeup. Photo credit Andrew James on Unsplash.

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