This 11-Year-Old Created Her Way Magazine to Showcase Women’s Sports

Published on December 19, 2021

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Although there’s been tremendous progress in recent years, the sports world is still sadly riddled with inequalities and discrimination when it comes to gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights and racial identity. The sporting industry is still largely geared towards men, with most of the branding and marketing materials, media and merchandising following suit. But younger generations are here to change that, as they bring a fresh perspective to the systemic issues that still plague our culture all over the globe. One example is HER WAY magazine, created by an enterprising 11-year-old.

HER WAY Magazine Highlights Women’s Sports

Recognizing a gap in the market for sports media specifically geared towards women, an 11-year-old Australian girl named Abbie decided to change that by launching an online magazine of her own called HER WAY. The publication specifically focuses on women who are excelling in sport.  

“I love playing and watching sport, and I also love to write,” Abbie writes on the magazine’s website. “I decided to start this magazine because I realized there were no magazines for girls just about women’s sport.”

3 Issues of HER WAY Magazine Are Out Now 

So far, Abbie has launched three issues of the online magazine since October, and she’s offering a 12-month subscription for $24 in 2022. One dollar from every magazine purchase goes to UNICEF Australia’s ‘Empower Girls Through Cricket’ appeal, and Abbie has already helped to raise $2,500 thanks to the support of HER WAY.

In the third issue of the magazine, Abbie included features like “seven questions with race car driver Laura Byrnes,” and a profile of basketball star Shyla Heal. She also rounds up some of the most impactful moments in women’s Australian sporting events from 2021, touching on everything from impressive achievements in tennis, swimming and much more.

11-Year-Old Is Making an Impact on the Women’s Sporting World

Abbie began the project at the beginning of 2019 when she started gathering newspaper clippings of articles about women in sport. Now, she’s brought her vision to life in full color, and it’s a true inspiration to see. The magazine is incredibly well-branded and crafted, and quite frankly, it’s hard to believe that Abbie hasn’t even reached her teens yet.

Abbie has been garnering plenty of positive media attention for HER WAY magazine, including a recent podcast appearance for the Australian Golf Show and stories by BTN, Studio 10 and ABC. It’s not hard to see why the world has fallen in love with Abbie’s work — she’s already making a huge impact on the women’s sporting world and such a young age, so there’s truly no telling what she’ll accomplish in years to come.

Leveling the Playing Field for Women in Sport

It’s about time we level the playing field for women in sport. Abbie is an inspirational person making a positive contribution for women and girls hoping to succeed in sports all over the world.  

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