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Wearable Technology That Will Help You Hack Your Health and Wellness

Published on December 16, 2021

Person wearing a health and fitness tracker watch

As technology and wellness compete for attention in our modern lifestyles, brands are rolling with the punches to create smart devices that help us hack our health and wellness in real time. Wearable health technology refers to devices like the Apple Watch or Fitbit, which use sophisticated sensors to track your movement, heart rate and more, all so you can be in-the-know about your personal health data and make informed decisions from there.

Wearable Technology Is Revolutionizing Our Lives

This technology is revolutionizing the way we move, eat, sleep, and live by giving us real-time feedback about our daily (and nightly) habits. For people living with diabetes, wearable sensors like the FreeStyle Libre have completely changed the game, by providing instant blood glucose readings and alerting them when their levels are heading into dangerous territory.

Even for the average person who doesn’t live with diabetes, wearable health technology is making it easier to reach your health goals, stay motivated, and track your progress. These devices might even make it possible to detect a cold or illness before you can, as has been the case with some people living with underlying heart issues like atrial fibrillation.

Wearable Health Technology You’ll Want to Try

If you’re hoping to hop aboard the wearable technology trend but aren’t ready to spring for an Apple Watch just yet, here are five options that just might be a fit(bit) for you (sorry):

1. Fitbit Luxe

With a slightly sleeker look than some of the other fitness trackers on the market, the Fitbit Luxe will help you track your steps, menstruation, sleep style and more, all without ruining your outfit. The Fitbit luxe also provides you with a “daily readiness score,” which tells you if you should jump into a workout to boost your step count or focus on recovery (i.e., giving you the perfect excuse to stay in bed and watch Netflix).

2. Oura Ring

Wristbands not your thing? Maybe the Oura Ring will be more aligned with your style. This futuristic ring gives you three daily readings — a sleep score, activity score and readiness score — to help you realize your fullest potential. The ring also provides 24/7 heart rate monitoring, seven temperature sensors, guided sessions and much more. If you’re not sleeping at night, it provides insight by analyzing your deep sleep, REM sleep, light sleep, nightly heart rate, bedtime schedule and more. The best part of the Oura Ring’s wearable technology is you can track all this health data, totally incognito.

3. Ava

As the first FDA-approved fertility tracking wearable device, Ava is revolutionizing women’s fertility. Tracking five physiological signals including pulse rate, breathing rate, sleep, heart rate variability, and temperature using sophisticated sensors, the device is designed to detect a woman’s fertility window in real time and — get this — you only have to wear the wristband while you’re sleeping, so you can dodge any uncomfortable questions from well-meaning strangers.

The advanced algorithms behind Ava’s technology were developed by a team of data scientists, while the company’s team of clinical researchers is comprised of experts in obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive endocrinology. With proven results published in a peer-reviewed journal, the device has helped more than 50,000 women achieve their pregnancy goals through advanced fertility tracking.

4. My Skin Track UV

Created by popular skincare brand La Roche-Posay, My Skin Track UV is a wearable electronic sensor designed to track your exposure to UV rays, pollution, pollen and humidity. Similar to the FreeStyle Libre, the device is linked through Bluetooth to a companion app on your phone to give you real-time readings, alerts and recommendations tailored to your specific needs. With the app, you can avoid concerns like harmful sunburns, premature skin ageing and allergies.

5. Bellabeat Leaf Urban Smart Health Tracker

With no display or buttons featured in the design, the Bellabeat Leaf Urban tracker is ideal for anyone hoping to keep tabs on their activity levels, menstrual cycle, stress, sleep cycles, meditation and more, all without the hassle of keeping their phone on them. The device is made with all-natural materials including hypoallergenic stainless steel, and the user can wear it as a bracelet, necklace, or a clip, depending on their mood or ensemble.

This piece of wearable technology was made by women, for women, so it’s designed to fit into the modern woman’s lifestyle without cramping her style. Plus, it has a six-month battery life so all you have to do is slip it on, look cute, and forget about it for the rest of the day (until you want to check out your health insights, that is).

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