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Why Do Great Companies Struggle to Grow?

Published on February 15, 2021

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Every small business struggles to grow its business at some point. So, let’s explore the question: why do great companies struggle to grow?

Research consistently affirms that the #1 reason many brands fail to achieve their entrepreneurial growth potential is that they either build or market stuff that people don’t want.

Most entrepreneurs think advertising is the key to business growth. It’s not. The REAL secret to business growth is differentiation. Differentiation isn’t just “being different.” It’s being different in a way that matters to your buyer.

Shift/Co – a business growth platform for entrepreneurs that want to make the world better, trains conscious entrepreneurs on how to differentiate and grow their companies authentically.

Shift/Co’s founder, Terri Maxwell, notes: “When we build a company that makes a difference in the world, we think everyone will buy it. We mistake what we care about (making a difference), for what the buyer will pay for. They are not the same thing.”

Shift/Co is offering a free webinar to train entrepreneurs how to differentiate their brand. Differentiation: The Secret to Business Growth.

The webinar will feature three entrepreneurial case studies that used differentiation to achieve business success, and will cover topics such as:

  • How Do You Differentiate a Brand?
  • Value Wins & Service Sells
  • The Power of Conscious Entrepreneurship

So, why do great companies struggle to grow? Maxwell adds: “Differentiation is the missing piece in companies that want to both make a difference and grow authentically.”

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