December Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry

Published on December 13, 2020

December horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry

As we move into December and begin to release the energy of 2020, we must reflect on all the changes within us this past year. Astrologically speaking, 2020 was the year of the century. In our lifetimes, we will never see or experience anything like it ever again. Monumental shifts in the collective and in our individual lives have been made. We are not the same as before, and we will never go back to that place again. We access The Cosmic Laundry to find out more.

Meditate, pray, spend time in nature, and get plenty of sleep

We’re wrapping up the year with a potent holiday season. We begin December, just coming out of the Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini on November 30th and Mercury entering Sagittarius. Eclipses regulate personal and collective Karma and bring emotional and energetic shifts. The time between the first eclipse and the last of any given season is called an eclipse portal. This is a time of heightened consciousness and connection to spirit. Use the period between November 30th (Full Moon Lunar Eclipse) and December 14th (New Moon Solar Eclipse) to come into alignment with your Higher Self. Spend time in meditation connecting to your vision for 2021. This period is a potent time for connecting to your own power as an energetic being. Meditate, pray, spend time in nature, and make sure to get plenty of sleep.

The Jupiter-Saturn alignment on December 21

On December 21st, we will experience the transit of our lifetime. On this date, Jupiter and Saturn will come into alignment in the sky, creating what both astrologers and astronomers call The Great Conjunction. Not only will this conjunction happen in an Air Sign (astrologically speaking) for the first time in almost 800 years, but from an astronomical perspective, Jupiter and Saturn haven’t been this close since 1623. We will be able to see them in the sky as one bright star. If you’d like to see it, go out around sunset and look for a “star” that is far brighter than all the rest (Jupiter) and a bright “star” right beside it (Saturn). On December 21st, they will come together as one.

The Aquarian Age begins this month

This conjunction is monumental and marks the beginning of a new era. We are moving into an age of technology and humanitarianism, an era where authenticity reigns supreme, and people are free to choose the outcomes of their own lives. With this, we will see a boom in technology and artificial intelligence and likely a positive shift in global relations. Many astrologers believe that the Aquarian Age (which begins this month) will see a massive shift in global communities and may even see a total dissolution of borders and the concept of countries. We likely won’t see that in our lifetime, but it’s essential to know that the next 20 years are crucial for this new world’s birth. We are the pioneers, and the most important job we have is to become unapologetically ourselves.

Connect to your highest self this month, loves. This is the theme for all of us.

Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry
December Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry

Aries / Aries Rising

This is a month of deconstructing your mind, Aries. You are at a crossroads where you need to choose beliefs and thought patterns that serve you. Ultimately you’re meant to choose a path that not only serves you but serves the collective as well. Your mind may be active, but it’s not as powerful as you think it is. Your thoughts influence your morals, and your morals are the backbone of your entire life. Paying attention to your thoughts is the most crucial thing you can do for your own happiness. You must take time to get into your body and discover your heart. This is where true wisdom comes from, and this is where you’ll find the answers you’ve been searching for. Take time to meditate and journal this month, especially surrounding anything you have said in the past that didn’t accurately reflect your feelings or beliefs. This is a karmic month for many of us, where debts surface to be processed and released.

Taurus / Taurus Rising

Do you know who you are, Taurus? This month is here to confront you with your own darkness, the parts of you that you kept hidden from others, and is meant to show you that even the most vulnerable parts of you deserve to be loved. You are worthy of love, success, and abundance, even if you don’t always see your own beauty and power. Make time to create a vision for your life, to get cozy with the Truth of what your dreams are, and remind yourself that you are worthy of that vision. Any lingering cycle (especially surrounding trauma or heartbreak) will surface in the next few months to be completed. You have to feel your feelings for you to process the hurt and move on. Once you’ve sat with your heart and allowed your emotions to be witnessed, you will be gifted with blessings you’ve wished for. Process and heal, love. That’s your theme for the month.

Gemini / Gemini Rising

This eclipse cycle is trudging up all of your relationship histories so you can work through it and find balance. There’s an inherent dilemma that bubbles up when it comes to our relationships with others;  do we chose to prioritize ourselves or the connection? And how do we find harmony between honouring our hearts without ignoring the hearts of those we love? This question is the theme of this month for you, Gemini. You are being asked to focus on your needs and find internal safety. You are worthy of all of the love and passion you desire, but you must first learn to give it to yourself. This is what will help you to feel more grounded and connected to your inner-circle as 2021 begins.

Cancer / Cancer Rising

This is a month of rest and quiet for you, Cancer. As the eclipses connect with your houses of ritual and spirit, you are being called to come into contemplation and connect with something larger than yourself. All the things you couldn’t see before will be illuminated for you now. This is a powerful month to spend time with nature and create a sense of grounding from within. The Great Conjunction on December 21st is likely to be felt like an emotional death in your life as you may have to process and release an old hurt as we move into our next 20-year cycle. Give yourself ample time to breathe and be in your feelings this month, Cancer. You deserve it.

Leo / Leo Rising

There is a balance to all things; when we give more than we get, this balance is disrupted, just as we get more than we give. This balance, between your personal desires and the needs of the greater collective, is what’s on your mind this month. As we come into 2021, you are being asked to clarify what your gifts are and how you’re meant to share them with the world. If you’ve been hiding behind a false persona or pretending to be somebody you aren’t, this month could be challenging for you. Masks are coming off to make way for a more authentic sense of self. If you’ve been blindly following a group or guru, any deceit from them will come to the surface, and you’ll see things for what they indeed are. Hold yourself in high regard. Know you’re worth. Present yourself as the beautiful light you are and remember that you are your own guru.

Virgo / Virgo Rising

When you look back over your life and everything you’ve achieved, can you genuinely say that you’ve done everything you’ve desired? This month is a month of letting go for all of us, but it’s deeper than that for you. You are removing yourself from ideas about who you should be and stepping into your own idea of what it means to be empowered and successful. If productivity is the way you’ve measured your worth, be prepared to have a small *crisis* as the Universe pushes you to discover that you are worth so much more than that. You may find that all of the ambitions you’ve been carrying have nothing to do with your true desires. You may even come to realize that you’d instead work less or in a totally different field. This is your becoming, and it’s part of your growth cycle for the next two years. Welcome the internal questioning (without ruminating) and trust that the Universe is guiding you to the right place.

Libra / Libra Rising

There is an old belief system within you that is dying and coming to a close. This is to make way for something deeper and more aligned. You are in a cycle of personal discovery and may find that you feel as though you’re walking this path alone. In some ways, you are; simply because you’re meant to discover your beliefs without outside influence. You’re off on a journey, and I hope you’ve brought your heart with you. Finding joy is crucial for this process, and this month you will be asked to rediscover the things that make life worth living. Without the need to be productive or successful, or right, what would you spend your life doing? What things bring you meaning, and do they also bring you a sense of satisfaction? These are the questions to ponder this month, Libra. Remember that even though it may feel as though you are discovering new parts of yourself along this solo journey, the Universe is on your side.

Scorpio / Scorpio Rising

This is a potent month for you, Scorpio. While others are examining the external aspects of their lives, you are being called to explore the deepest depths of your heart. What does it mean to be intimate with life? What barriers to happiness have you built to potent yourself from pain? This is the energy you want to sit with this month. You are a powerful soul, someone who is meant to lead and protect, but you can only come into your power if you’ve met yourself at the deepest depths. This is an important month for you, Scorpio, and you’re meant to spend it reconnecting with yourself. Time alone and spent in nature is vital for you, even if it is the holiday season. You may find that you need lots of rest and sleep, and it’s important that you allow it. You are amid a metamorphosis, and you need all the energy you can get.

Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising

Is heartbreak on your mind, Sagittarius? Trust that this is all part of divine timing. This month’s energy is meant to help you wrap up old cycles of relationships that are dead and dying. This could mean mourning an old flame, processing pain you never fully processed, or letting go of the way you believe love and relationships should look. You are intended to allow this process of unfolding to happen so you can bloom once again. Your love life is being picked over with a fine-toothed comb ensuring that you don’t carry anything into the future that isn’t meant to be there. Spend this time contemplating the meaning of love, relationship, and friendship and get comfortable with your needs and boundaries. This is a crucial period for your romantic life so use it to your advantage.

Capricorn / Capricorn Rising

As always, you may have your mind on integrity and safety this month. As your day to day routine shifts and changes with the eclipses, you are asked to look at your sense of security. Do you have enough resources? Do you have some left to give? Do you feel good in your body? Safe in the world? Internal safety is essential this month so make sure you create lots of time and space for activities that bring you comfort. You may also find that your connection to spirit deepens this month. This is because you are being pulled into deeper communion with yourself, and whenever we connect to ourselves, our spiritual senses heighten. Spend this time in prayer and meditation or only time spent in nature. Take as much rest as you need, and allow yourself to slow down and be present.

Aquarius / Aquarius Rising

This is an important month for you, Aquarius. As we move into a massive shift in humanity, you, as an Aquarius soul, are here to take a pivotal role in the changes that are to come. While it might seem as though you’re meant to take an active part, and I know many of you feel a sense of restlessness right now, the Truth is that your only job is to come into alignment with your Higher Self. Who are you? What does it mean to be you? And how does this identity, regardless of labels, fit into the current society? Spend time with yourself this month and allow yourself to be in the space of curiosity regarding how you want to present yourself to the world. This could feel a bit like an identity crisis, but the Truth is that you aren’t meant to be defined by labels or traditional rules. You are a divinely progressive human being, meant to shift the planet’s norms by merely being yourself.

Pisces / Pisces Rising

Are you feeling called to rest this month, Pisces? If so, this is because the energy of the month is asking you to release + let go. You may find that your dreams are powerful and vivid or that you are tired even after a full night’s sleep. Spend time with your subconscious this month, especially through dream journaling or meditation, and you will be gifted with an insight into patterns of the past. You may find that issues (and solutions) with your family or inner-circle come up. This is because your role within the family unit is transformed, and you’re asked to release any codependency or patterning that doesn’t serve your future self. Allow yourself to morph and transform, to shift and grow into the next layer of self. You have a profound mission, and this month is meant to help illuminate your path. Take advantage of it by spending as much time in your dream-world as you possibly can. 

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Giselle Plamondon is an astrologer and clinical counsellor who uses mystical tools to help you align your life with your unique cosmic archetype. She believes that we are all meant to be joyful + abundant and that the true path to magnetism begins with accepting ourselves exactly as we are.