September Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry

Published on September 2, 2020

Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry

The world is shifting and changing. There’s a new path on the horizon and September marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of humanity. It’s not about what will happen, but instead, it’s about who we’ll all become. This is a year of breaking down and restructuring, and for many of us, it has been a year of spiritual revolution and profound awakening. Here are your September horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry.

Mars-Pluto connections play into September horoscopes

On August 14, we had our first of three Mars-Pluto squares for the year. Typically, Mars and Pluto align in the sky once a year, but thanks to this fall’s Mars Retrograde, we will have three Mars-Pluto squares. The dates for those are August 14, October 8 and December 21. Tensions between Mars and Pluto are like a powder-keg; they tend to heat up pre-existing issues and illuminate any unresolved issues. You might find that any old pain or resentment you’re carrying becomes too heavy and you have to put it down. You may feel frustrated and irritable for seemingly no reason, but the emotions that come up during this time are a manifestation of unprocessed grief. There is a time and a place for Sacred Rage and now might be a good time to tap into it. If you have an unhealthy relationship with your own anger you may find yourself feeling disempowered and anxious. Remember that your power lies in knowing and loving yourself and self-empowerment is the key to using this Mars energy for your highest good.

Collectively this might be a tense time for global relations. During Mars-Pluto connections, we have a limited ability to choose our battles wisely and we might see this play out in politics and with public figures. Any lingering residue from January of this year will come to the surface to be fleshed out — the good, the bad and the ugly. Beware of the ways that your ego might try to bring you into a feeling of separation and divisiveness. We need each other now more than ever. Do what you can to stay rooted in your body and remind yourself that you only likely have access to one side of the story right now, so don’t rush in to make judgments or brash decisions.

Pluto and Saturn are in the midst of an intricate dance

Pluto and Saturn are in the midst of an intricate dance. Anything that one experiences, the other will, too. You can’t separate them because they are in a deep and meaningful relationship with one another during the entirety of 2020. This includes their connections with Mars. On August 24, we had the first Mars-Saturn square and will experience another on September 28. This will function to control whatever comes to blow during the Mars-Pluto squares. Mars and Pluto combust, but Mars and Saturn create repression. Saturn represents the government and patriarchal structures, so this planetary connection is likely to manifest through rules and regulations passed down from our governments. The battle between Donald Trump and TikTok is a prime example of this energy. The US government is trying to censor the self-expression of young people in America because they are threatened by the passion and self-empowerment that can be found on the app.

Practice critical thinking and remain connected to your inner wisdom

This is a perfect example of what to expect in the fall of 2020. It’s important to practice critical thinking and to remain connected to your inner wisdom because the media is likely to be heavily filtered this month. The interesting thing about the dance between Mars, Saturn and Pluto is that this is a story of pain presenting itself as anger. Saturn and Mars connections make us feel rejected and alone; they can bring up old stories surrounding our worthiness and our individuality. When Pluto comes into the picture, it brings a deeper layer of heartbreak, grief and feelings of powerlessness. This is a time to notice the people around you and to be aware that grief, sadness and loneliness are likely to manifest as anger and rage. This is a time to be tender with one another and to understand that we’re all doing our best. Connect to your heart and continue your journey of healing and self-compassion. This September, we will start to see the gap between people who are going within and becoming their own authority and those who are seeking safety outside of themselves. Remember that you can be your own oracle if you’re willing to listen to the wisdom of your heart.


Aries / Aries Rising

Slow down and connect with your higher self this month. Remember that your soul is guiding you and when you allow yourself to listen to the whispers of your instinct, big magic will happen for you. You are meant to do things in your own timing and with your own will, so trust that honouring yourself is divine. You are not selfish or wrong for prioritizing your heart. Ground into your rituals and spiritual practices on September 2 with the New Moon. This month’s Full Moon on the 17th will bring you into a deeper relationship with spirit if you let it. If you’ve been feeling disconnected from your purpose and visions for your career, that will lighten up this month. Expect clarity when it comes to work, business and dharma. You may also find yourself thinking about your relationships this September; remember that you play a part in all of the patterns in your relationships. If you don’t like the way something is playing out, you have the power to shift it by choosing to show up differently.

1: What does your daily routine look like? Write it out. How many of those things are about joy, pleasure, happiness, or love? 2: What do you need clarity on in your career right now? How can you get the clarity you need? 3: What does your ideal partnership look and feel like? 4: Shadow work prompt — what do you judge in others that you do yourself?

Taurus / Taurus Rising

How much do you love yourself? Unconditionally and without expectation? This is the gift that you can tap into in September if you take the time to sit with yourself. Whether you choose to meditate, spend time in nature or witness the beauty of yourself through subtle movement, this month can be a powerful time of healing for you. There are wounds that are hidden in our subconscious and they are being illuminated for you right now. You are in the beginning of a cycle of awakening that will last until 2026. This cycle will shift your perception of yourself and will bring you into closer alignment with your soul and purpose. This year has been a foundational year for the growth that is to come and this fall’s Uranus Retrograde is designed to bring you closer to your path. Your sign ruler, Venus, will move into the 4th house of home and ancestors on September 6th. This is a powerful time to connect to your intuition and find solace in the comfort of Mother Nature. Find practices that support your creativity and expression of self during the New and Full Moons, on September 2 and 17. Overall, this is an intuitive month for you, Taurus. Tap into your heart and let her guide the way.

1: What community do you belong to? And what is your role in that community? 2: How can you build a deeper relationship to your own intuition? 3: Make a Pinterest board of your ideal home and make a plan to bring more of those elements into your space. Make your living space sacred. 4: What do you want to learn more about this year? What new knowledge would you like to have by 2021?

Gemini / Gemini Rising

Who and what do you feel responsible for, Gemini? As Mars illuminates your house of community and vision, you are coming to the realization that you can’t be all things for all people. You have to choose who you want to be of service to and trust that the universe will find Soul’s to do the work you can’t do right now. You’re getting clarity around your finances and what you owe to others (literally and figuratively) and are coming into a phase of self-empowerment. Where you’ve been is not where you’re going, love. This can be a tough transition for you because you are used to having everything figured out. There are no concrete answers here and there’s no way of knowing what’s next. This is the precipice of something that will transform you. Get out of your head and find space in your daily routine for joy this month. You deserve to feel safe, happy and loved. Trust that not everything requires your undivided attention and that taking space for your pleasure is an act of self-dignity.

1: Gather a list of people whose lifestyle and career you are jealous of. What is it about these people that makes you jealous? What does that tell you about your desires? 2: Who do you belong to? Who are your ancestors and what can you learn from them? 3: What brings you joy? Make a list. 4: Free-writing prompt: how many different people have you been in this one lifetime? Describe the different versions of you and how you’ve changed through the years.

Cancer / Cancer Rising

Get your mind on your money this month! There are gifts that you have to share with the world. Maybe you’re already sharing them or maybe you’re not. Either way, September will highlight your value system in a profound way. Check any limiting beliefs you carry around money and abundance and trust that if you have a dream, that dream is meant to pour through you. It’s not true that you have to work hard for security or that you have to find safety in the old ways. You can bust out of the mold and make different choices. Your thoughts and feelings are intricately intertwined this month and you may need a support person to help you untangle all of the messages coming from inside of you. The Full Moon on September 17 is ripe with opportunity for writing and self-discovery. Get out of your comfort zone and seek ways to expand and grow. Any doubts you’ve had surrounding relationships will come into focus and you’ll be able to see them in a fresh and new light. This is a good time to monitor your happiness and reconnect to the vision you have for your life.

1: What are you an expert on? What knowledge do you have to share? 2: Who do you want to be in 2 years? 3: Is there anything that you learned from your parents that you’d like to unlearn and let go of? 4: What does commitment in love mean to you? What type of commitment and connection do you desire?

Leo / Leo Rising

What do you believe to be true about the world? This is the theme of September for you. Mars is retrograding through your zone of expansion and discovery, urging you to take inventory of your belief systems and ability to stretch outside of what’s comfortable. This is a good time to learn something new about the world. Read books about spirituality or different cultures. Get up to speed on global politics. Evaluate what you were taught as a child and get clear on whether those beliefs align with who you want to be. This month’s New Moon and Full Moon are lighting up the parts of your chart responsible for knowing what is yours and what isn’t. You might find that old hurt resurfaces to be released, especially with the Full Moon on the 17th. Even though you are in a phase of rediscovering yourself, this is also a time of generosity and good luck. Take advantage of the positive effect Venus is having on you and take risks. You are more popular than ever this month, Leo. You may as well use that to your advantage.

Week 1: Pick a culture that intrigues you and spend some time this week learning about it. Week 2: How can you create a sense of sacredness around money and your relationship to it? Week 3: Express yourself! Take time this week to go through your wardrobe and get rid of anything that no longer feels like it represents you. Week 4: Keep a gratitude journal this week, Leo.

Virgo / Virgo Rising

Happy Birthday, Virgo! In true Virgo fashion, you’re ringing in this new cycle with an emphasis on healing and soul work. This month’s Mars retrograde will be brushing upon some tender parts of your heart. Mars retrograde brings awareness to our relationships with men and masculinity and for you; this month may be a perfect time to heal any old wounds you’re still carrying. This is a time of shadow work and heart-healing, of going deep into your psyche and becoming acquainted with parts of yourself that you’ve repressed. For many of you, it may be anger. You may need to find ways to connect to your sacred rage. For others, you may want to heal any wounds from your parents or previous partners. Overall, this can be an auspicious time for you, as long as you remember to take the high road. This energy can be a catalyst for deep self-love and can awaken you to how magical and divine you are. Take some time this month to manage your finances and create a plan for security in the coming months, not that you’ll necessarily need it, but your mind is focused on building a foundation for your future. Remember to live in the present moment and to practice intentionality in your daily routines.

1: Are you carrying resentment? Write a letter to the person, thing or environment that caused the pain and do what you can to release it. 2: What makes you feel safe? Do at least one of these things this month. 3: No prompt this week, just meditate. As much as you can. 4: What does sacred rage mean to you?

Libra / Libra Rising

Who do you want to be in 2020 and beyond? This is a question that may be on your mind this month. You are in a phase of evaluating what you desire in partnership, but before you can truly know what you want from a partner, you have to know who you are. Your relationships are a mirror and they highlight the nooks and crannies of your inner world. As much as you may want to focus on the health of your relationships/dating experiences right now, you’ll experience more relief from getting to know yourself. Particularly, what you want to offer to the close people in your life and what you’re hoping for in return. You might notice yourself daydreaming about your future life and who you want to be; allow these daydreams to guide you. This month is about coming into alignment with your highest potential and gaining clarity on what you desire in love, home and money. Take advantage of this opportunity to sit with your psyche and get to know yourself on a whole new level.

1: Who do you want to be in 2022? What steps can you take to be that person today? 2: Spend time in nature this week, Libra. 3: Take a relationship inventory. What’s working and what’s not working? Whether you’re single or coupled up, this is a good time to get clear on what you want. 4: In what areas of your life does perfection get in the way of success?

Scorpio / Scorpio Rising

There is alchemy coming your way; can you feel it? September holds the key to unlocking your unique magic and the gifts you are meant to share with your people. The thing about alchemy is that it can feel wild as if it’s happening, so expect to feel a little more off balance than usual, Scorpio. What you’ve been doing on a daily basis may have worked in the past, but it won’t work long term. Something within the rituals of your life needs to transform; maybe it’s your job or your diet or the way you structure your day. As you undergo this process of change, you might feel irritable and frustrated. The old ways might not work. This can manifest in the body or in the mind. It can feel like anxiety or body aches. Either way, know that it’s okay to let go of old things. You aren’t obligated to be the same person today that you were yesterday. Hold yourself in high esteem and know that the way you choose to live your life has a huge impact on your overall health and happiness. Go back to your roots and get clear on who you are and what you want.

1: What did you spend your free time doing as a child? 2: Does your daily routine serve you? What might need to be shifted? 3: How well do you handle stress? What can you do to decrease stress in your life? 4: Take time to rest this month, Scorpio. Have lots of baths and spend time outside with trees and rivers.

Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising

You are a magnificent and creative being. Whether you know it or not, you speak creation into existence. September is a month of moving into communion with your joy, your aliveness, the radiance of your existence. You have an opportunity to clear out any old junk that’s getting in the way of your radiance and magnetism. You are allowed to make play a priority and the energy of this month is meant to show you that. Your financial matters have been weighing heavily on your mind this summer, thanks to the impact of retrograde season. Expect to feel less heaviness and more joy surrounding your finances come October. This doesn’t mean that all of the work you’ve put into your financial planning should be thrown out the window; it just means that you can lighten up and trust that you’re taken care of. Big things are on the horizon, so tap into your desires and let them lead the way.

1: If you could spend your days creating what would you make? 2: What hobbies and projects light you up and feel good? 3: What does financial abundance look like for you? Make a plan to get there. 4: Is spirit leading you somewhere? Where does it want you to go?

Capricorn / Capricorn Rising

In typical Capricorn fashion, you’ve got your mind on your money this month. More specifically, you’re ruminating on your purpose and how to turn your vision into reality. At the same time, you’re releasing any stagnant emotions that you’ve been carrying. This is a month of polarity for you, leaning into your future while honouring your past. Any goal or dream that feels on hold is likely being weighed down by the burdens of your past. What do you need to feel and heal so it can be released? This is a powerful month for therapy and working with healers, as well as spending ample time in nature. You may find yourself drawn to examining your beliefs and around September 17; an opportunity for expansion could come your way. As Venus moves into your zone of intuition and shadow, expect opportunities to get clear on what type of intimacy you desire and how to bring those desires into fruition. Overall, spend time with yourself this month and set an intention to slow down and be present.

1: Make a list of the things from your past that you’re carrying. What would it take for you to lay them down? 2: In what ways does shame stop you from living in alignment with your highest self? 3: Spend some time in meditation this week, contemplating what you believe about yourself and your capabilities. 4: What would it take for you to be more present in your life?

Aquarius / Aquarius Rising

When was the last time you spent time getting to know the desires of your heart? This month is illuminating partnership and connection for you. Make space for stillness so you can allow clarity to come forward. What type of relationship do you desire? What does monogamy mean to you? This is a powerful time to question your beliefs surrounding love, dating and partnership and to

decondition any beliefs that aren’t serving you. You are allowed to live your life in a way that serves you and your highest good and when you follow the status quo, you do the opposite. You are here to show the rest of us new ways of doing things. You are a paradigm shifter and a leader and you are meant to show up as your whole unique self. The Pisces Full Moon on September 2 will highlight any holes in your self-worth that may be blocking you from loving yourself fully. Take this opportunity to sink into your feminine expression and practice pleasure, receptivity and self-love.

1: What makes you different from other people in your community? 2: Sit and imagine yourself in your ideal relationship. What does that look and feel like? 3: Who do you need to become to have the type of relationship that you desire? 4: Find pleasure this week. Some ideas: self-massage, take a dance class, eat a really decadent meal with friends.

Pisces / Pisces Rising

You may feel a little out of sorts this month, Pisces. Your natural desire to be in the flow and to create space for intuition may feel restricted during our transition into fall. The Full Moon on September 2 initiates you into a new cycle of becoming and is an auspicious time for you to slow down and connect with your highest self. Do you know what your soul gifts are? And more importantly, do you know how to share them with others? This month is meant to slow you down so your medicine can shine through, loud and clear. You can share your gifts with the world and experience abundance, loves. You don’t have to choose between security and soul, and this month will show you how to have both. Practice receiving this month and notice how comfortable you feel when others give you money, compliments and affection. If you’re always the one reaching out and supporting others, you might want to find a coach or therapist that can support you. Let yourself be held this month, Pisces. You deserve it.

1: What does it feel like to receive from others? 2: What is the unique medicine that you have to give to the world? 3: When you think of the word abundance, what comes to mind? 4: What were you taught about money as a child? Are you still carrying those beliefs today?

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The Author
Giselle Plamondon is an astrologer and clinical counsellor who uses mystical tools to help you align your life with your unique cosmic archetype. She believes that we are all meant to be joyful + abundant and that the true path to magnetism begins with accepting ourselves exactly as we are.