November Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry

Published on November 1, 2020

November horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry

I am sitting here on the eve of the U.S. election, trying to find the words to convey the month’s energy ahead. This month we will see our third and final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, the end of the Mars Retrograde cycle, and a potent Scorpio New Moon. The Jupiter Pluto Conjunction is in a triple conjunction with Pallas Athene, the Warrior Goddess. Pallas, otherwise known as Goddess Athena, was a skilled and wise leader and has been co-present in the election charts of multiple political events throughout recent history. November will likely feel like December and June (the other months when the Jupiter Pluto conjunction occurred). As many places begin to move back into Quarantine mode, it’s important to remember that you already know how to do this. I like to think of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction as an energetic cleaning team; as they come into our communities and sweep the streets, getting rid of baggage and stuck energy, we are asked to stay inside for our own safety. This is a metaphor for the energetics of November, and although it’s figurative, there are parts of this that could play out in a literal sense.

The final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of 2020

Mercury stationed direct in Libra on November 3rd, but keep in mind that we’re in his shadow until the 17th. As Mercury wakes up from his slumber, it’s important to note that communication might still not be clear at this time. And yes, this energy is partially responsible for the delay in the ballot counting in the U.S. Election. On November 12th, we will experience our last and final Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of the year. This cycle between Jupiter and Pluto throughout the year was responsible for much of what 2020 had to offer, and you’ll be happy to hear that we won’t experience this energetic signature again until 2033. It’s also important to remember that while most years only experience ONE of these powerful conjunctions, 2020 experienced three of them. Suppose you have any planets between 20 and 25 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. In that case, this conjunction is personally significant to you and likely showed up in your life in a powerful way.

On November 13th, Mars will station direct, gifting us the wisdom of our inner protector once again. If you’ve been sitting with your heart and learning how to honour your boundaries this month, it will be an excellent time to practice all you’ve learned. Our New Moon in Scorpio on November 15th adds to this theme as it will be asking us to reconnect with our inner sense of empowerment and emotional stability. This will be a moon of rest and regeneration as it will be connected to the Jupiter Pluto conjunction and Saturn and Neptune. The energies of these planets conflict with one another, so it’s best to take things slow and listen to your body. The last few weeks of November will be quiet as we work with Venus and Lilith to redistribute power within our relationships. On November 28th, Neptune will station Direct bringing a sense of clarity and inner knowing.

Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry
Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry


As we’ve been collectively navigating the murky waters that have been Scorpio season, you have been in a phase of regeneration. On September 13th, your chart ruler, Mars, stationed retrograde in your house of Self + Identity. As the world struggles to find its footing in the chaos of 2020, you’ve found yourself in a cocoon of inner change. When Mars stations Direct on November 13th, your vision will be crystal clear. You are re-discovering your identity, and with that, you can expect that your dreams and ambitions may shift. It’s okay to own and honour your heart’s desire, Aries. You don’t have to play by somebody else’s rules, and you definitely aren’t required to follow the dreams that parents, teachers, or bosses have placed upon you. You are a powerful and dynamic leader, but you can’t create a new world if you aren’t self-embodied. Stay true to yourself, loves.

Week 2: If your top 10 people were to describe to you, what words would they use? Bonus points if you ask them.

Week 3: Do you like the public image of you? Is there an alignment between who you are and how others see you? If not, why?

Week 4: If money and status were obsolete, how would you identify yourself? What would separate you from others?


As 2020 is coming to a close, take a look back over the year and notice how much you’ve grown. Our triple Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, which kick started the energetics of the year and is coming back for its finale Mid-November, was meant to bring you into alignment with your inner compass. You are not the same person you once were, and as 2021 comes into focus, make sure to honour this new growth. This month is working with your 7th house, the divine mirror, and giving you a chance to expand this new wisdom into your relationships. Old ways of showing up, especially anything codependent or keeping you small, will be illuminated so you can shift and release. With the New Moon on November 15th, make sure to set your intentions for the type of connections you want to have over the next 6 months and watch your manifestations come to life with the Scorpio Full Moon next April.

Week 2: What is your guiding light through tough times?

Week 3: What have you learned about yourself through your relationships?

Week 4: What would your ideal romantic partnership look like? If romance isn’t your thing, what does your perfect friendship look like?


If it’s not sex, money or power on your mind this month, Gemini, I’m not sure what is. If you’ve been in flow with the cosmos, this has been a transformative year for you, especially when it comes to your own sense of power. Some of you will have made a conscious decision to get your finances right, while some of you may be exploring emotional themes like tantra, spiritual union and psychic abilities. Your power lies in the parts of your story that are in the shadows. On November 12th, you are being asked to go even deeper. Ride the wave of Scorpio season and explore your relationship to your soul and how that relationship can support you in this lifetime. Witchcraft, trauma release, sexual healing and money energy are all topics that you might be drawn to this month and beyond. Own it and step into it — there’s power in understanding.

Week 2: What is the witchiest/most occult thing that you’re into lately?

Week 3: What makes you feel empowered and resilient?

Week 4: What does your soul need from you this month?


This is a perfect month to take inventory of your relationships, and how sovereign you feel within the spoken and unspoken contracts you have with others. Often, it’s in our closest relationships that we lose our sense of self in small ways. This is a pivotal month for you to renegotiate the boundaries and expectations within your relationships and choose to show up in a more authentic and aligned with your ideal vision of connection. Whether you’re single or have a partner(s), this month asks you to gain clarity on your personal sense of empowerment and self-trust within your primary relationships. A genuinely beneficial relationship feels juicy and expansive and doesn’t ask you to be anything or anybody you aren’t.

Week 2: Where are you pretending to be somebody you aren’t? How can you show up more authentically?

Week 3: What does the word sovereignty mean to you?

Week 4: What type of lover/partner/friend would you like to be?

LEO: Jupiter Pluto conjunction in the 6th

As the moon initiates a new emotional cycle for your personal year, you are being called to come into a deeper connection with the tenderness of your heart. This time of the year (every single year) is meant to bring you into communion with your soul in all of its many forms. This is a potent time for connecting with your ancestors and re-discovering your lineage’s rituals and rites. If you don’t feel connected to your family, this might be an emotional time for you as your soul tries to find something to tether its heart too. Know that family isn’t always blood, and you can choose to create your own sense of family and community, with rituals that feel safe and empowering for you. Connect with your past, but don’t allow the past to dictate your present or your future.

Week 2: Who are your ancestors? Where do you come from?

Week 3: What does family look like/represent to you?

Week 4: What rituals and traditions make you feel soul-aligned?


Your heart is a powerful guide; it is home to your desires and your creative gifts. It’s from your heart that you can connect into your own divinity, and this connection is what has been re-worked and illuminated throughout the year. As we wrap up and move closer to 2021, and as the last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction comes closer, you will be reminded to let go of any need to be tight or restricted when it comes to the yearnings of your heart. You don’t have to hold everything together, love. It’s not your job to save everyone, and it’s definitely not your responsibility to show up with perfection. Surrender and practice vulnerability this month, Virgo. Your heart is counting on you.

Week 2: Get creative this week! Bust out the paints and make some art.

Week 3: What is your love language? How can you gift more of that to yourself?

Week 4: Where might you be holding on too tight?


As Venus, your chart ruler falls into an intricate dance with Pluto and Lilith this month, you can expect to feel a bit wilder and rebellious than usual. Venus is working her magic on your zone of resources + abundance, so expect some opportunities to shift into a deeper level of financial security. Make this month work for you by abandoning everything you’ve been taught about how you should behave, especially when it comes to your self-worth and how you present yourself, and step into the version of yourself that is unapologetic and untamed. Don’t make yourself quiet or palatable for anybody. Step fully and proudly into your power. Do this and watch Venus grant you with abundance in all of its forms.

Week 2: What would your ideal abundant life look like? Make a Pinterest board.

Week 3: Where could you be more unapologetically yourself?

Week 4: What would be your ideal lifestyle?


Happy Birthday, Scorpio! 2020 has been a wild ride for all of us, but especially for you. Your comfort zone has been absolutely disrupted, and you’ve been confronted with patterns of thought and behaviour that weren’t working for you. This month, as the Sun journeys through your house of self, you are being called to redefine how you want to present yourself in 2020 and beyond. You may have gone back to school, got a new job, or even began working for yourself this year, and now is the time to get clear on how this new endeavour is meant to serve you. Bring intentionality into the changes you’ve witnessed within yourself and make a plan to set yourself up for the future you desire to have.

Week 2: What’s your favourite way to celebrate yourself? Do that.

Week 3: How have you changed in the last year?

Week 4: What is your vision of growth for the year ahead?


As you come closer to your birthday, you are being called into a moment of stillness and recollection. What has happened over the past year has created an internal change, an irrevocable shift in your self-worth. The hope is that these shifts have made you stronger and shown you the deep well of resilience you carry within you. Take this time to slow down and celebrate all that you’ve moved through in the past year and how much you’ve grown. This is also an incredibly powerful time to make a plan for financial wellness. This year was meant to help you gain clarity on your money situation and whether your current method of supporting yourself is in alignment with your dreams. Take note, make adjustments and move accordingly.

Week 2: In what ways are you resilient? In what ways do you need to practice vulnerability?

Week 3: What would financial wellness look like for you?

Week 4: What do you need clarity on to create the financial wellness you desire?


Who are your people, and where do you belong, Capricorn? There’s a cycle of growth and community that you are being brought into this month, and you should pay attention to. Although you may have some traditional beliefs, don’t forget that you are here to support a revolution. When your community needs you, you are there to provide structure and guidance. The needs and wishes of your community (whether that’s global or simply just your close friends) should be on your mind this month, as well as the role you want to play within these groups. Who are you? And what do you most want to be known for? These are the questions to ponder this month, love.

Week 2: What is your favourite thing to give guidance on?

Week 3: In what areas of your life are you a revolutionist?

Week 4: Slow down and spend time with nature this week.


There’s a tenderness that you’ve likely been experiencing this year, Aquarius. Although you have a reputation for being able to zoom out of the drama of life and take the role of the observer, this year has likely been different. Unprocessed emotion, childhood memories, self-destructive tendencies, deep rooted fears, and more surfaced through the year. Whereas you usually can rise above the chaos of everyday living, the last year has called you into a deeper relationship with the unknown. Take rest and be with your inner child right now. You don’t have to figure everything out; in fact, your only job this month is to feel your feelings. Fully. Deeply. Intensely.

Week 2: What is your deepest rooted fear? How does this fear keep you from your dreams?

Week 3: Rest. You don’t have anything to do this week but to nourish yourself.

Week 4: What are your favourite emotions, and why?


How connected do you feel to your community, Pisces? Do you feel like you have a group of people who have your back? Or are you navigating feelings of being an outsider, not knowing who to trust? The energy of 2020 has illuminated your need to belong, and November will ask you to seek clarity on what type of people you want surrounding you. Your sensitivity is a powerful gift, but it can create walls instead of boundaries if you shut people out too quickly. Find ways to be in a relationship with your crew without shutting them out for not understanding you. There’s a deeper purpose to having powerful connections + a thriving community. This will help you bring your message into the world and heal any residual baggage you may be carrying from past experiences of not fitting in.

Week 2: How is your sensitivity a gift?

Week 3: What does community mean to you?

Week 4: What would you like to heal and move on from before 2021?

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