July Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry

Published on June 26, 2020

Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry

How are you doing, loves? The end of June was tough and I’m sure you felt angry, vengeful, disheartened, and sad. I’m sure you also had moments of bliss and joy. This is the duality of life and it’s part of the journey that we’re all walking through in the energy of 2020. So why was June so damn hard? We had 4 planets in retrograde, the summer solstice coinciding with a solar eclipse, and our second of three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions for the year. I’d love to tell you that everything is getting lighter from here but the truth is that 2020 is a monumental year and the only way out of it is through it. Old structures are breaking down and dissolving. We are entering into a time where the patriarchy loses its power and we will see a rise in feminine leadership as a result. In essence, 2020 is a year of death and rebirth and we simply have to breathe through it.

Last eclipse in the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycle brings love into the world

On July 4th we will experience our last eclipse in the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycle. This cycle began in the Summer of 2018 and has been teaching us to honour the feminine and examine the ways we treat women, animals, children, and mother earth. This eclipse cycle brought us the #metoo movement, increasing awareness of goddess consciousness, a surge in veganism and awareness of child trafficking, and a call to action worldwide for environmental protections. This was a significant cycle for rebalancing the masculine and feminine within us all. On July 4th the cycle will come full circle with the last eclipse happening at 13 degrees of Capricorn. This is significant because it reminds us that our inner masculine plays a divine role in bringing love into the world. Without boundaries, structure, and intervention the feminine principles of love and justice have no ground to stand upon. This is the energy of taking love and light and turning it into a movement for structural change. This eclipse cycle was crucial for laying the foundation for the socio-political changes that 2020 will bring. We won’t have another Capricorn Eclipse until 2037.

The planet of discipline and hard work, Saturn will regress back into Capricorn for the last half of 2020

On July 1st Saturn will regress back into Capricorn for the last 6 months of 2020 and won’t come back into Aquarius until December 18th. Saturn is the planet of discipline and hardwork. Saturn energy feels like a heavy burden and although his rewards are plenty, his mountains are steep. Saturn rules Capricorn and enjoys being in his home sign where he can impose structure and boundaries on those in his care. This will wrap up any Saturn teachings for those of you coming out of your Saturn Return and will illuminate our collective desire for order amidst chaos. This could bring greater restrictions on things either COVID or protest-related, similar to what we saw in June with Alberta’s Critical Infrastructure Defence Act. Alternatively, this could bring justice to people who have been harmed by the government through the prison system, the police, and even social services.

July horoscopes help us understand this month’s Mercury retrograde

To understand this month’s Mercury retrograde it’s important to understand the mythology of Mercury, our Messenger of the Gods. While Mercury is best known for his relationship to communication and technology this planet has a deeper esoteric meaning than what is visible on the surface. Mercury, known as Hermes in Greek Mythology, was the Messenger of the Gods. He was one of the few liminal deities, who could exist in in-between spaces. Along with Iris, the Messenger Goddess for Queen Hera, he was one of the only Gods who could travel to the underworld. Three times a year Mercury stations retrograde, representing his descent into the underworld. During this journey, he guides the dead into their resting place and relays messages to Hades from the Gods of Heaven and Earth. This is significant because it represents a purification process and deep soul healing – without this retrograde, we would have limited access to our shadow and our spirit. This journey is amplified by the current retrograde because it is happening in the deeply feminine water sign of Cancer. Cancer rules the womb, the subconscious mind, our ancestry, and our inner child. When Mercury stations retrograde in this sign we are called into a period of stillness and emotional regeneration. For this reason, July may bring old wounds and attachment trauma to the surface. You may find yourself reminiscing about the way things used to be or reliving painful memories from the past. Just know that any painful emotions, body aches, and memories that surface at this time are asking to be released. To heal it you have to feel it, so give yourself ample time to be in your feelings this month.

Aries/ Aries Rising:

This month your energy is being pulled in opposing directions. Your soul is aching for rest and refuge from the world but your inner warrior is energized and ready to stand up for what’s right. This inner tension could manifest as irritability, migraines, and outbursts of anger. Although one of your many gifts to the world is your passion and your sacred rage, know that solitude and rest are crucial for you right now. You have a tendency to run headfirst into hard things and while this is your magic it’s also your favourite form of escapism. Take rest, slow down, and sit with the parts of your past that you are running from. This is the true path of sacred leadership and it’s the only way to truly make a difference in the world. You may have a tendency to project your inner pain out into the world right now so take time to tend to your heart and be with your pain. It’s okay to be soft and vulnerable, this is a time of grief and healing, and you don’t always have to be strong.

Taurus/ Taurus Rising:

When push comes to shove you have to use your voice, my love. Have you been staying quiet on matters of the heart? Right now you have a choice: you can either play small and stay silent or you can rise up and speak. You are love in its purest and most grounded form and you deserve to be treated like the divine light that you are. If you’ve been seeing things with rose colored glasses you may be confronted with things you have been trying not to see. Do you know your worth? And more importantly, are you willing to walk away from situations that don’t honour your divine light? This month you are being called to find your voice and to speak up for yourself and others. You are divinely connected this Cancer season so don’t be afraid to ask the universe for signs and synchronicities.

Gemini/ Gemini Rising:

Now that you’ve had some time to rediscover yourself and connect with your inner divinity, now’s the time to lay foundations for the year ahead. You’ve worked hard and are ready to reap what you’ve sown. This is simultaneously a month of work and celebration; you may feel called to put your plans into action by day and spend time with your family and friends by night. Your popularity is at an all-time high right now so take advantage of the moment and negotiate new contracts, go on plenty of dates (while socially distancing, of course), and love up on yourself. You are magnetic and sensual at this time so use this energy to your benefit and find joy in being alive.

Cancer/ Cancer Rising:

Happy Birthday, love! This month I hope you celebrate all that is divine and magic within you. You are the purest archetype of the divine mother and you hold the key to healing in all of it’s forms. In true Cancer fashion, your birthday month is not all love and light, but instead will bring you to the depths of your soul. This month you’re being asked to evaluate your relationships with yourself and with others. In order for your sensitivity to be a gift to the world your ability to set boundaries is a crucial skill that needs to be developed. Take this as an opportunity to move deeper into self love and to get clear on the version of yourself that you’d like to step into moving forward. Take long baths, spend time in nature, and most importantly, grieve the versions of yourself that you are leaving behind.

Leo/ Leo Rising:

This is a big month for you, Leo. Of all the signs you are being brought to the deepest aspects of your psyche and will be given an opportunity to come to terms with your past and how it’s shaped you. Your divine light, which is represented by the Sun, is undergoing a process of alchemy and reformation. Who you were before is not who you will be after 2020. This is the most beautiful and potent way to spend the time before your birthday as it allows you to get into contact with your higher self. Make space for quiet contemplation, journaling, and midday naps cuz you’re gonna need all of the rest you can get.

Virgo/ Virgo Rising:

Who do you wish to be for the world? Not for your own egoic desires or for your reputation, but for humanity and beyond? These are the questions being illuminated in your mind this month. As a love-centred being with a quick mind, you are pivotal in any revolution so it’s no coincidence that the collective is your focus at this time. However, don’t forget to acknowledge the magic you bring to the table. Your creativity, your ego, and your unique gifts are all necessary here. We can’t truly change the world if we don’t honour and celebrate the divinity within. Now is the time to educate yourself and get aligned with a community of people who have similar visions for the world. Together you will be stronger so long as you bring all of your skills to the cause.

Libra / Libra Rising:

The question of legacy is on your mind this month, Libra. As someone who is tuned into the affairs of justice and equality you may find that equity has your attention this month. This month you are re-evaluating your career and the mark you want to have on the world. You may find yourself in a bit of a rut this month because new information about your dharma is coming to the surface. The energy of 2020 is working your concept of work life balance and is asking you to get clear on what your ideal lifestyle is. Do you want to work for yourself? Do you want to climb the corporate ladder? Would you rather spend your time at home caring for your garden? All options are available to you and now is the time to get clear on the legacy you want to live and leave behind.

Scorpio/ Scorpio rising:

Are you feeling confined and restricted right now, Scorpio? The energy of this month has you reconsidering your worldview and whether your beliefs support your long term visions. We all have a different reason for living and you’re being asked to discover yours. Often we discover our most authentic expression of self through long journeys and expeditions into foreign lands and because that option isn’t available to you at this time, you may be feeling like a bird stuck in a cage. It’s important that you see the forest through the trees and understand that you don’t have to wake up in Dubai to begin to question your current perspective. This month you’re being called to go inward and ask yourself the hard questions. Do you enjoy the life you’re living? Is there both intimacy and joy present in your daily experiences? Do you know yourself on a soul level? Make space to contemplate these truths and get in alignment with your future self.

Sagittarius/ Sagittarius Rising:

You have a tendency to skirt on the surface of life at times and this month the universe is asking for more from you. It’s not enough to simply understand the order of all things, right now you’re being asked to connect to the wisdom of your shadow. You are highly skilled at finding the silver lining and turning lemons into lemonade but right now you are being called to do the opposite. Instead of finding the light you will benefit from seeking the dark. There are parts of you that you’ve been hiding away from yourself and from the world. The universe doesn’t want your love and light right now, friend. It wants your raw emotion, your sacred rage, your commitment to your heart. Any anxiousness or irritability this month is a sign of blocked emotions so make time for long talks with friends, therapy, and time spent in nature to help ground you back into your body.

Capricorn/ Capricorn Rising:

How’s your heart feeling, love? This month’s cosmic weather is hitting you right at the core of your desire for a partnership that is a safe place to land. You may find yourself renegotiating your current relationship contracts (business, romantic, and otherwise) and speaking up for your needs. This is crucial for your relationships to thrive in 2020 and beyond. Your entire identity is being re-worked and by the end of this year, you won’t be able to recognize the old you. This is a potent year for you and will bring big changes if you surrender to higher wisdom. Trust that any sticky conversations that come up during this time are divinely guided and are for your highest good.

Aquarius/ Aquarius Rising:

Just a heads up, you are in the midst of one of the most significant transits of your life. This is a period where your responsibilities are catching up to you and where you will be asked to create an appropriate plan for your dreams. If you aren’t feeling this yet know that this energy is on the horizon. These are powerful periods of our lives where we mature and come into ourselves but from July to December this year you may feel the pressure you’ve been feeling lift and subside. Use this month to create rituals for success so you can feel supported throughout this next phase of your life. While Cancer season is a deeply spiritual time for us all, your call to priority for the month is body-wisdom. Take time to nourish yourself with whole foods, spend time outside with your animals, go for daily hikes, and take care of your home with immaculate attention to detail. The simplicity of the mundane is your medicine this month, love.

Pisces/ Pisces Rising:

Nobody gets creativity quite like you do and this month you’re being called to find a sense of play in your day-to-day life. Although you are a natural artist you may have disconnected from your sense of creativity. If that’s the case now is the time to celebrate your joy. This may challenge your current desire to set strong roots right now but please remember that when we choose security over joy we are dishonouring our inner child. We all need time to be children again – to run and paint and climb trees and experience the satisfaction of being alive. When was the last time you felt vibrant and energetic? Ready to tackle life and all of its problems with optimism and good humour? If you’ve lost your sense of fun, now’s the time to find it.

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The Author
Giselle Plamondon is an astrologer and clinical counsellor who uses mystical tools to help you align your life with your unique cosmic archetype. She believes that we are all meant to be joyful + abundant and that the true path to magnetism begins with accepting ourselves exactly as we are.