June Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry

Published on June 3, 2020

Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry

Happy June, Cosmic Babes! Before we dive into the astrology for the month, and June horoscopes by Giselle, I want you to know two things: that I am here for your growth and that you don’t need anything outside of you for that growth to happen. Horoscopes can be a profound way to take a look at the deeper layers of our minds, and they can function as powerful guides, but they aren’t meant to take precedence over your intuition. You are the CEO of your life, and you get to choose what stays and what goes. Take what resonates and leave the rest. Your highest self knows the way, and she’ll speak to you if you are willing to listen.

Okay, let’s dig in.

The world is in a state of uncertainty, and now more than ever, we’re aching for something solid to stand on. As much as I’d love to be the bearer of good news, the truth is that we’re in the midst of some tough cosmic weather, and it’s not going to lighten up anytime soon. We’re collectively purging and releasing outdated societal beliefs, social norms, and ways of connecting with one another. Have you noticed the shift in celebrity culture and our newfound ability to see through the glamour magic that Hollywood has cast upon themselves? We’re coming out of a period where we trusted public figures more than we trusted ourselves, and for the first time since the Piscean Age, we are being asked to connect to our intuition before asking for answers. You may feel a heaviness weighing on your heart as news from the underbelly of modern society begins to surface. This is a time of collective uprising and fighting for unity on all fronts. I know it feels like the sky is falling, but we’re simply coming out of a collective sleep and noticing that we don’t like the house we’ve been living in. It’s okay, my loves because we’re building a new one.

As eclipse season approaches, we are being asked to decipher the messages we receive from others with a fine-toothed comb. On May 5th, the Moon’s Nodes moved into the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, with the North Node (Rahu) in Gemini and the South Node (Ketu) in Sagittarius. This is a rewiring of the higher-self through our logical mind. Sagittarius is a spirited philosopher, but when his words aren’t rooted in facts, he can quickly become a false prophet. This two year period is a collective awakening of our abilities to think critically, find the facts, and trust in the function of the logical mind while simultaneously honouring our intuition. Dogmatism has no place in the Aquarian Age, so now is the time to open your mind and listen, not to speak, but to understand. On June 5th, we have our first Lunar Eclipse of the season at 15 degrees of Sagittarius, followed by a Solar Eclipse on June 21st at zero degrees of Cancer. The first eclipse ushers in the new karmic cycle while the second eclipse wraps up the previous one. This is a time of releasing and letting go while simultaneously opening up and seeking new horizons. Anything leftover from the last cycle eclipse (which began the Summer of 2018) will surface in June for the final release, which can trigger a feeling of loss. This grief is crucial for your evolution; old habits are dying, so the new you can emerge.

On June 18th Mercury will join Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in retrograde motion. This is Mercury’s descent into the deepest pockets of our mind, and it’s during this journey that we become better acquainted with our internal selves. Mercury will be stationing retrograde at 14 degrees of Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and represents femininity, motherhood, and the act of nourishment. All life is birthed from her, and with the help of Venus, she blesses the earth with divine feminine gifts. This Mercury Retrograde is an intense period of quiet and introspection, and during this time, we will feel highly sensitive to the emotions of the people around us. Self-care is crucial this June, so cleanse your nervous system with a breath. Get outside and spend time with the trees, the birds, the ocean, and the stars. This is a time to get reacquainted with the rhythm of the earth and cycles of mother nature, so listen to your body take what you need.

As we speak, Venus is Retrograde and is making her way from being an Evening Star to a Morning Star. When Venus stations retrograde, she is making her way behind the Sun as a reminder that although they travel together, she will wax and wane as she pleases. This switch from her evening star to morning star phase is ripe with metaphor and speaks to the collective unconscious about the intuitive and cyclical nature of the feminine. It’s no coincidence that our ancestors paid close attention to her journey through the sky as she rules fertility, conception, the land and the soil, and beauty in all its forms – not to mention her powerful presence in our relationships. In the evening star phase, we feel called to prioritize the needs of others and can fall easily into codependent behaviours, but as Venus becomes a Morning Star, she asks us to come out from the shadows and honour ourselves in our fullest expression. On June 4th, we will experience a New Venus, which is a brief moment of death and rebirth. Old things fall away so that new ideas can fall into place. This can feel scary, but Venus works in a precise and meticulous way, and everything she creates is a carefully crafted masterpiece. The goddess works in her own time, but trust that she is always working for your highest good. The Venus Retrograde period is a highly auspicious time as this is a collective journey into the underworld and all the wisdom hidden there. Can you hold yourself in this liminal space? It’s in this descent into the deepest parts of our psyche that we will encounter forgotten truths and the aching of our heart’s desire. What’s meant for you is yours, but you have to believe that you’re worthy.

Aries/Aries Rising

This month the spotlight is on communication, baby. Do you speak your mind? And if you do, are your thoughts well received? This is a time to re-evaluate the way you talk to others and to get clear on what you’re sharing with the world. It’s on you to discern who gets the privilege to hear your story in a world full of faux-vulnerability. Your story holds the key to your heart, and if you look close enough, you’ll find that it contains the wisdom that you’re here to teach. Your mess is your message, and your voice can be your greatest weapon if you learn to wield it with love. Share from your heart, and the words you speak will create magic but share from your wounding, and your words will bring more of the same. The words you speak become the castle you live in, so cast spells accordingly.

Taurus/Taurus Rising

Are you on solid ground, or is the earth shifting beneath you as we speak? June is a month of renegotiating the contracts you have with yourself and honouring how you need to feel safe in the world. This month your relationship with money will be highlighted. The Universe is asking you to dig up any old stories that are keeping you from your fullest earning potential and to pull them out at the root. Do you know the value that you bring into the world, my love? There is a gift that you are here to share, and I promise you that the Universe will reward you with all of the abundances you desire when you uncover it.

Gemini/Gemini Rising

Happy birthday, baby! You’re feeling fresh, energized, and renewed. This is your month, and even though you can’t spend it with friends in typical Gemini fashion, this is your time to shine. Venus is reworking your connection to your identity. How do you identify yourself?

And most importantly, do you carry yourself in a way that truly reflects your heart? This is a time of self-empowerment, love. The Universe wants to guide you, but you have to be willing to listen to the inner whispers. Find new ways to honour yourself and practice putting your desires above the desires of others, even if that makes you uncomfortable. When we hold ourselves in high regard, the world has no choice but to reflect our high self worth back to us. Now’s the time to honestly decide how you want to experience yourself, and therefore how you want to experience the world.

Cancer/Cancer Rising

Think of this time as the space between death and rebirth. This is the calm before the new beginning, the quiet in the eye of the storm. These periods are crucial for our growth because they prepare us for what’s coming. This is the dark before the dawn, and if you can lean into this transitional space, you will be ready for your next trip around the Sun. Do you have the courage to sit in the stillness and to see what’s waiting for you there? Through quiet composure, you will find answers. This is a time for deep rest and reflection, so ask yourself: am I willing to become the version of myself that I most want to be?

Leo/Leo Rising

This month you’re being asked to go inward and take an in-depth look at how you play small and get in your way. This is a time for stillness, prayer, and dreamwork. Throughout the month, you will be gifted with many opportunities to open up spiritually and may even notice that your intuition is supercharged. The well within you is rising, and it’s from the overflow that you’ll reconnect with your humanity. Who do you hope to be, and what is the contribution you want to make in the world? This is a month of anchoring into your highest potential and rediscovering all of the medicine you have to share with others.

Virgo/Virgo Rising

How do you want to be remembered? This is the access point to our Dharma, and most often, our contribution to society becomes the legacy we leave behind. It’s okay to want recognition for all that you do; in fact, the Universe is asking you to make yourself seen. Are you playing small and hiding your gifts? No more. Your gifts are your medicine, and they are not yours to keep hidden from the world. They’re meant to be shared, my love. If you don’t feel that you’re living up to your potential, understand that the root of the wound may come from childhood, specifically any father wounding that is present. On the flip side, if you find yourself grinding as a way to soothe, numb, or hide from your emotions, now is the time to slow down and come into balance.

Libra/Libra Rising

The journey through life sometimes brings us into a place of walking alone through uncharted territory. When we go on a pilgrimage, we discover deeper truths about ourselves and the workings of the world. Although you can’t jet set to Peru right now, you’re still being asked to take a walk and rediscover the meaning of life. What’s your framework for understanding the inner workings of your heart? Do you feel connected to your highest self? These are the questions to ask yourself this month as Venus takes you on a journey into foreign lands. Remember that you are your own Guru, and the answers you need are always within reach if you’re willing to trust the wisdom in your belly. This month is a recalibration of your connection to the cosmos and is a perfect time to spend time out in nature, contemplating the mystery of the Universe.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

People can only meet you at the depth of which they’ve reached themselves. We know that this is true of our friends and partners, but it’s also true of ourselves. If you’re longing for a more profound experience, it’s essential to ask yourself if you’re intimate with yourself before you place the blame on those around you. This is a time to cultivate self-pleasure and self intimacy. This is also a time to take inventory of the ways you may escape pain by chasing money, sex, or love. You are a powerful alchemist and can spin straw into gold, but first, you have to befriend all of the secrets that you keep hidden. This is a shadow work month for you, babe. Luckily you’re well versed in the language of the shadows and know how to walk yourself home.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

Relationship is the highest yoga. It’s through our close connections with others that we truly meet ourselves. Your relationships are being re-evaluated, and it’s on you to discern whether these connections are nourishing or depleting you. Of course, there will be moments of conflict and tension no matter the connection, but your relationships should ultimately bring you closer to your heart. Notice if you are abandoning yourself for the sake of connection. If push came to shove, could you walk away and stand-alone? This isn’t the time to make big decisions regarding relationships; instead, the Universe is asking you to observe and take note of power imbalances and reciprocity. This doesn’t mean you have to break up or makeup, but it’s on you to speak up for your needs and ask for your heart’s yearning to be met.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

You tend to bypass the wisdom of your body to get things done. This month you’re being asked to evaluate how well that’s been working for you. Take note of the ways your body speaks to you about situations, environments, and people. Our bodies are infinitely wise, and they talk to us through pain, tightness, and even energy levels. Heed the wisdom your body is trying to share with you. Infuse your daily routine with rituals that support your body, mind, and spirit. Take up yoga or meditation. Spend the early morning hours hiking in the forest. You may even need to slow down, take naps, and say no to the next project that you’re offered. It’s okay to reassess your current lifestyle and find new ways of doing old things. You can’t be everything for everybody, and you can’t be of service to the world if you aren’t in service to yourself.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

When you were a child, there was a spark within you that inspired, motivated, and energized you. This month you will have a chance to reconnect with that divine spark and find home in the child within. Keep in mind, however, that honouring your inner child isn’t always easy. This work can dig up our fears of not being seen, not feeling validated, and not knowing where we belong. Take note of the ways you crave love from others and do your best to give those things to yourself. Leave love notes for yourself in the kitchen, practise self-massage, or take yourself out on a date. Do you know what you want in love and romance? And do you know how to shine your heart out into the world? These are the questions available to you right now, and the best way to work through them is to bust out your old paints and create, create, create.

Pisces/Pisces Rising

Emotion can be murky, and nothing muddies the waters quite like the programming we carry from childhood. Does your home feel like a safe space for you? Can you unwind, relax, and sink fully into yourself, or do you feel on guard and overwhelmed? The process of turning your home into a sanctuary may seem like a shallow endeavour, but every time we come home to an environment where we’re free to be vulnerable and soft, we unwind the childhood programming that teaches us to be stoic and strong. This June, you’re being called to become your parent and to nourish yourself from the inside out. Unpack your grief, process any old hurt, and bust through the sticky stories that tell you that you aren’t safe to be fully expressed in the world.

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The Author
Giselle Plamondon is an astrologer and clinical counsellor who uses mystical tools to help you align your life with your unique cosmic archetype. She believes that we are all meant to be joyful + abundant and that the true path to magnetism begins with accepting ourselves exactly as we are.