August Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry

Published on August 6, 2020

Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry

August Horoscopes by Giselle of Cosmic Laundry are here to guide you through the month.

Nobody knows your heart better than you do. This is the wisdom that Leo Season has to offer. Leo is often discussed in shallow terms, but at the heart of the lion is generosity, wisdom, creativity and grace. The heaviness of June and July still lingers and you may feel as though you’re walking on cloud 9 one minute and then crashing back down to earth the next. This is because the overall energy of 2020 is about releasing old outdated beliefs and patterns of the self, but Leo season is ultimately about reclaiming and witnessing the divinity of the soul. On the one hand, Leo Season asks us to get in touch with our inner child and to find joy in the midst of the chaos. On the other hand, the energy of the Great Conjunction is building and we’re in a Chiron Retrograde.

The Chiron Retrograde and August Horoscopes

Chiron is known in mythology as a sensitive and wounded healer. He was born from an act of violence and his mother never recovered from the pain of the event. The original mythology states that she left Chiron because she was disgusted by his appearance (he was a centaur, half man-half horse), but it’s important to note that Philyrus had just experienced a deeply traumatic event and Chiron’s appearance was a reminder of the violence she had experienced. Nevertheless, Chiron’s wounding began with the story of being left and abandoned by both of his parents. He was later adopted by the God Apollo and his sensitivity was nurtured through the study of healing, medicine, poetry, prophecy and logic. Chiron was the first astrologer and a gifted oracle and prophet. Later in life, Chiron happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and suffered a devastating eternal would to the knee. This wound became his legacy; it was a wound he could not heal, but in the process of trying to find the cure, he became better equipped to heal others. He eventually sacrificed himself for the evolution of humankind and was put into the sky as a constellation for his courage and nobility.

This story of Chiron is significant because the current Chiron Retrograde cycle lasts until December 16th and with Chiron being in Aries, this cycle involves healing our relationship with the masculine. Chiron in the chart speaks to themes of abandonment, shame, insecurity and loss. When it comes to the healing aspect of astrology, Chiron plays a pivotal role. We are being gifted an opportunity to work through our collective fears of abandonment and not-enoughness. We are healing the roots of the wounds we received from our early upbringing. We are also being shown a rainbow bridge between lower and higher consciousness and will be given opportunities to become our own self-healers. This is the thing, baby. You have to be your fiercest advocate and proudest ally. The days when we put our power in the hands of other people are over. Now’s the adjustment period between the old and the new and though all growth brings expansion, it also brings pain.

This month’s horoscopes have been created with the healing power of Chiron in mind. This will set you up for growth and awakening through the next few months and might help to make sense of the sensitivity you’re feeling right now.

Aries / Aries Rising

Chiron is working his sweet magic on your identity and sense of self this year, loves. This wounding is tied to early life and your sense of self in relationship to the world. This is your origin story, the foundational beliefs that set you apart from others. I like to think of this transit as the quintessential self-empowerment transit because it will ask you to re-connect to the home within. You may feel more self-conscious and awkward or you may find that your sensitivity is off the charts. For many, this can be a time of spiritual awakening and the beginning of a new shadow healing cycle. Now is a potent time to look at the stories you tell yourself about who you are and adjust accordingly.

Week 1: What is the worst thing somebody could ever call you and why?

Week 2: Think back to your question from last week. Do you have any old stories surrounding that word?

Week 3: What would it take for you to love the part of yourself that you identified last week?

Week 4: What are 10 things that you like about yourself. If you’re feeling brave, ask 10 friends to tell you what they love about you.

Taurus / Taurus Rising

How are you feeling?! I won’t lie to you. This is a heavy and powerful transit. You may be feeling extra tired, fatigued, sensitive and even achy right now. Chiron is speaking to you through the intuitive waters of dreams, emotions, sensitivity and synchronicities. Often, this type of inner work can lead to a total spiritual surrender and can bring you into a deeper communion with the Universe. If you don’t have a spiritual belief system, this may be a period of discovery and magic as you might be shown how powerful you and your energetic body are. This is the time to toe-dip into the language of manifestation, astrology, high sensitivity and maybe even past lives (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Week 1: What is your relationship with rest? When you need time to unwind and relax, are you able to do that comfortably?

Week 2: If you didn’t have to work for money and were divinely supported, what would you spend your time doing?

Week 3: Think back to the activities you listed last week. Can you incorporate more of those into your daily routine?

Week 4: Do you carry any shame/fear surrounding your relationship with God/Universe/Consciousness?

Gemini / Gemini Rising

Do you feel left out? Is there a deep-rooted question mark that lives within you that  worries whether you belong? This is a question that is at the heart of humanity and is often the driving force behind people who choose to live their whole lives as somebody they aren’t. If you feel yourself worrying about whether you’re good enough or if people like you, remember that the person you need love from the most is you. This can also be a time where you may start to separate yourself from old friends and acquaintances who are no longer on the same wavelength as you. The current cycle you’re in is meant to push you into the highest vision you have for yourself; it’s meant to show you your divine potential. Once you’ve got a grasp on who you’d like to be, that’s when you can begin to go through the transformation process that will get you there.

Week 1: What does belonging mean to you?

Week 2: What are the qualities within you that don’t feel seen or valued?

Week 3: What does your highest self look like? What are you doing to show up more like that?

Week 4: Make a list of the people in your life and make note of whether their presence is helpful or hurtful. Do what you want to with this list (but know that you’re worthy of support, love and unconditional belonging).

Cancer / Cancer Rising

I have a question for you Cancer… where are you trying to prove that yourself through achieving, accomplishing and doing? Did you know that you are lovable and worthy simply because you exist? Your inner critic might be loud right now, but you can shut her up if you practice self-acceptance. This is a powerful time to get clear on the mark you want to leave on the world and can bring sudden changes in how we show up at work and in the public arena. This is all perfect because these changes are bringing you into deeper alignment with your soul’s purpose and the incredible medicine you’re here to share with the world.

Week 1: If you took the next year off work/responsibilities, what would your day to day life look like?

Week 2: What would be the things you would miss about your work/current responsibilities? What would be the things you’d be happy to let go of?

Week 3: Did you receive any conditioning as a child around what success looks like?

Week 4: Are you living your dream or somebody else’s?

Leo / Leo Rising

Happy Birthday Month, Leo! We all know nobody celebrates their birthday season quite like you do, and I want you to know that the joy you radiate when you’re having fun is your magic. So take this as your permission to celebrate as much as you want to this month. You must have asked for a special favour from the God’s because of all of the Chiron lessons that are being handed out right now, yours is the juiciest and most soul-affirming. You are being asked to find a higher truth and to develop your faith in yourself. This cycle is about learning to flow with the ebbs and flows of life and it’s about coming into communion with the earth and the stars. This is a perfect time for you to slow down, spend time listening to your inner wisdom, and to get real about what your dreams are so you can turn them into a reality.

Week 1: This is an experiential prompt. Stop what you’re doing. Put on your favourite song. Close your eyes. Feel your body move to the rhythm. Do this for 5 minutes or more.

Week 2: If you could travel anywhere in the world right now where would you go? What does your soul want to learn from that culture/environment/land?

Week 3: Think forward to a year from now, your next birthday. Who do you want to be?

Week 4: How can you take steps to be more like the version of yourself you identified in last week’s prompt?

Virgo / Virgo Rising

The current cycle that you’re in is a time of trial by fire; you’re reconnecting to the parts of yourself that you’ve rejected and are being called into deeper connection with yourself. Do you have fears surrounding being too much? Are you scared of your intuition, your experiences or your sensitivity? This is a time to radically accept all parts of yourself – the good, the bad and everything in between. Old stories and memories of past experiences may surface for you so just know that they are coming up to be healed. This is also a delicious time to notice any patterns you’re replaying in your life and do the inner work to transmute and heal them. Breathwork and meditation are your friends right now, loves.

Week 1: This is an experiential prompt. For the next week take 5 minutes a day to be with your breath. If you practice breathwork, do that.

Week 2: How comfortable are you with endings and beginnings?

Week 3: What would safety in the midst of uncertainty and transition look like for you?

Week 4: What could you do to feel safer expressing your emotions with the people around you?

Libra / Libra Rising

We all have ways that we self-abandon and allow the needs of others to take precedence in our lives. As someone who is inherently drawn to balance and stability, learning to say no and rock the boat is a lifelong process for you. This year is serving as a catalyst for your growth in this area and this month you may feel shame bubble up as a result. You may worry that you’ll never have the dream relationship you’re aching for. Or you may begin to blame yourself for the relationships that haven’t worked in the past. If you’re in a relationship, this may even be a time where you’re extra critical of your partner and the way they’re showing up for you. You may want to take out your hurt/anger/frustration on those around you, but your path to healing right now lies within going back to source: you and your path, so self-forgiveness.

Week 1: What does self-abandonment look like in your relationships?

Week 2: This is an experiential prompt. This week practicing saying yes ONLY to things that you actually want to do.

Week 3: Is there anything from your past relationships that you haven’t forgiven yourself for?

Week 4: Is there anything from your past relationships that you haven’t forgiven someone else for?

Scorpio / Scorpio Rising

Are you feeling concerned about the plight of humanity right now? The energy of the month is touching on some tender spots in your chart and you may be feeling extra sensitive because of it. This is a powerful time to reconnect to self-devotion and spend more time getting to know the things that bring you into alignment. You may also find yourself worrying about things more than you usually do, which might irritate you because you’re typically pretty cool, calm and collected. The wisdom you have to gain from this cycle is the wisdom of health and wellness through the way you show up and care for yourself daily. Show up for your body, soul and mind and they will reward you with clarity and peace.

Week 1: How comfortable and safe do you feel in your body? What could make that relationship cozier?

Week 2: Do you participate in any behaviours or thought patterns that tell your body that it’s not good enough? ie: dieting, speaking unkindly about your body, restricting certain foods

Week 3: What types of movement feel good for you?

Week 4: How can you begin to build a healthier relationship with food, your health and your body?

Sagittarius / Sagittarius Rising

Your typically happy-go-lucky nature may feel a bit torn down and deflated right now. This is because Chiron is working his way through your house of pleasure and joy. In essence, you are being asked to heal any wounds you have surrounding affection, love, creativity and passion. This is a sweet and sensual house, but the wounds held here are bigger than you’d expect. This is a beautiful time to reconnect with your body through movement and unstructured play. You might even notice old wounds from past loves resurface at this time; know that this is an invitation to go to the source and heal any childhood wounds that show themselves to you. Art and dance therapy will have extra magic for you right now, so if you have access to these types of therapies, you might want to give them a shot.

Week 1: What are the ways you numb/distract yourself so you don’t have to feel pain?

Week 2: What are the things that bring you the most joy? Write a poem or make a long list.

Week 3: How can you incorporate more of the things that bring you joy into your life?

Week 4: Is there any old unhealed heartbreak that you’re carrying around? Write a story about it. Then burn it.

Capricorn / Capricorn Rising

Our ability to nurture and care for ourselves has roots in the way we were cared for as children. Were all parts of you encouraged in your childhood home? Were you allowed to be messy and chaotic and bratty and wild? Or were you expected to be quiet and well-behaved? These are questions you might want to meditate with this month, Cancer. All parts of us have to be accepted in order for us to feel truly safe in the world and very few of us were given the opportunity to experience true unconditional love as children. This is why we must give it to ourselves. If your sense of safety feels unsteady or if you are wondering why you fear rejection to such a powerful degree, now is the time to go deep into your old stories and remind your childhood self that you are safe, you are always loved, and there are no parts of you that are unwelcome here.

Week 1: What were the messages you got in childhood that helped you?

Week 2: What were the messages you got in childhood that hurt you?

Week 3: When you get scared of being rejected or abandoned, how do you protect yourself?

Week 4: Think back to your answers from last week. Have those behaviours worked in your favour? Is there something you could do differently?

Aquarius / Aquarius Rising

You are sensitive to words and criticisms right now, and that’s okay. So much of what is communicated to us is filtered through our own lens of the world. This filter holds our perceptions, our stories, our early upbringing, and even our belief systems. Right now, you’re being asked to communicate effectively and with heart and to ask for the same in return. You may be extra sensitive to rejection, especially surrounding your thoughts and ideas. This is a classic Chiron gift because you are being called into deeper integrity with your words and as a result you will learn to speak with power and conviction. Learn to honour your unique voice, and if fears of not being heard have been holding you back from sharing your stories with the world, now is the time to examine and explore where those fears came from.

Week 1: Do you ever hold back from sharing your truth, your opinion, or your story out of fear it might not be received?

Week 2: What would be different if you were unapologetic with your voice and spoke up for yourself in all spaces?

Week 3: Did you experience bullying or teasing as a child? Do those experiences shape the way you interact with other people as an adult?

Week 4: Did you experience any trauma surrounding siblings or cousins? If so, call a trusted friend and talk it out.

Pisces / Pisces Rising

The matter of self-worth is at the heart of your journey this month. Many of us use money, sex, relationships and material items to mask our insecurities and although this works in the short-term, the effects are never long-lasting. Get clear on what you value. Trust that you don’t have to do or be anything in order to be loved. When we feel safe to simply be, this is when our best selves show up to the world. What can you do to practice self-acceptance each day? This is your tasking from the Universe babe; learn to love and appreciate yourself. Magic will follow, I promise.

Week 1: Think of a situation that is causing you pain or stress right now. What would you do differently if you were acting from a place of radical self-love?

Week 2: What are the ways you numb from feelings of not being good enough? Do you soothe with music, shopping, nicotine?

Week 3: What are some healthy coping mechanisms you have for when you’re feeling scared, lonely, triggered, etc.?

Week 4: How different would your life look if you were unconditionally accepting of yourself?

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The Author
Giselle Plamondon is an astrologer and clinical counsellor who uses mystical tools to help you align your life with your unique cosmic archetype. She believes that we are all meant to be joyful + abundant and that the true path to magnetism begins with accepting ourselves exactly as we are.