Yoga for the Mind, Body, and — you guessed it — Soul!

Published on May 14, 2020

Mind yoga - Fitnes Studio Siluet

Queen City Yoga did a class in Kiwanis Park, Regina in summer 2019. A few local vendors attended as well to sample their kombucha and energy balls.

Everyone has their own reason for starting to exercise, and here’s mine.

My friend invited me to a cat yoga class at Excalipurr Cat Café in Regina, SK, a couple of years ago and who can say no to playing with cats? So I went to Excalipurr on Albert Street. I played with cats for an hour and the cost of my ticket went to the Regina Cat Rescue. Supporting a cause, playing with cats and trying a new fitness activity was win-win for sure.

While I was doing yoga, I realized just how tight my hips were. They really hurt during what were really simple poses. A couple years prior, I fell on ice with my full body force hitting the ground. I never completely went back to normal — my hips often bothered me. Because of that class, and because I work downtown near Yoga Mala, I continued doing yoga on a regular basis. The changes in my body in just a few months were amazing. My hips started to feel so much better.

My mind, body and soul have thanked me for doing yoga

I have continued doing a lot of yoga throughout the city over the past few years. Yoga has helped me both physically and mentally. The only thing that helped my hips long-term was doing yoga, specifically poses such as Swan or Frog. I do chiropractor and massage as often as I can, but the cost is too much. If a monthly yoga membership doesn’t fit your budget, there are many offerings on YouTube to enjoy. Through my physical healing, I discovered that yoga makes me feel better mentally, as well. Then I learned there are others who enjoy yoga and you can do it almost anywhere. I have since taken my travel mat on trips and have had some amazing views as a result.

The Sky Garden in London, UK offers morning yoga classes with a city view. They also provide a light breakfast afterward.

With all that being said, the current world doesn’t allow for much exploration of your local yoga studios and our anxiety is going through the roof in the wake. Yoga is being utilized more than ever now as a great way to get moving and to give your mind a much-needed break. Whether your body needs a good stretch from our weird makeshift home offices, or we are just feeling down with the dreary news, yoga can really help you and there are so many kinds to choose from.

YouTube is an amazing free resource with great YouTubers such as SarahBethYoga, Travis Eliot, and Yoga with Adriene. You can also find local studios such as Yoga Mala, Wilkie Wellness, and Oxygen Yoga and Fitness offering free and/or discounted online classes. This is a great way to keep a sense of community in your daily routine.

I’ve given you my reasons for doing yoga — I like cats, it helps my hip, and it helps reduce anxiety. I would love to know your reasons. If you haven’t tried yoga yet, start with a Yin Yoga class on YouTube and you’ll be on your way!

Yoga and mindfulness go hand in hand – find out more!

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The Author
Carla Klein is a Communications Consultant living in Regina, Saskatchewan. She enjoys writing and yoga in her spare time. Carla also has many plans to travel as much as possible with the hopes of living in England for a couple of years.