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Published on September 25, 2021

Stack of books by Instapoet Rupi Kaur topped with a bundle of white flowers

Although they’re often criticized for a variety of reasons, there’s no doubt that Instapoets (those who write poetry and disseminate it through Instagram) are making poetry cool again. Not only are Instapoets using the popular platform to make poetry more accessible to younger generations, but many of them are also making a big impact by conveying messages of hope, healing and love through their words.

Instapoets Like Rupi Kaur Are Bestselling Writers and Creators

In fact, some poets have forged incredibly successful careers for themselves by using the social networking app as their launch pad. For example, Rupi Kaur is a 28-year-old Canadian poet and illustrator. Her poetry collections, “milk and honey” and “the sun and her flowers”, have sold more than 8 million copies. In 2021, her film “Rupi Kaur Live” debuted on Amazon Prime.

No matter the size of their following, the Instapoets who are allowing themselves to be vulnerable enough to bare their heart and soul on the internet are truly commendable. Inspiration can be found everywhere, and there’s no reason why Instagram can’t be a haven for writers, creators and artists of all kinds.

Instapoets You Need To Know About

Who are some of the other talented poets making a name for themselves on Instagram and beyond? Here are five Instapoets worth checking out:

1. Chloe Frayne

Captured in beautiful vignettes with items like crystals, dried flowers and plants, Chloe Frayne is one of the most inspiring Instapoets whose poetry is medicine for the eyes and the heart. She recently published a new book featuring poetry and prose called The Gravity Inside Us, tackling themes of love, travel, healing and much more.

2. L.T. Phoenix

Miami-based poet, model and mental health advocate L.T. Phoenix often shares short but heartfelt words on her Instagram page. Interspersed with bright and colorful travel pictures, her poems explore themes of love, loss, nature and more, capturing all the pain and magic of relationships.

3. Atish Chintalwar

Sharing simple yet impactful truisms regularly, Indian poet Atish Chintalwar is one of the up-and-coming Instapoets to watch, who has been steadily growing his following and refining his style overtime. His words offer hope, encouragement and valuable life lessons, which, let’s face it, we could all use more of from time to time.

4. Alix Klingenberg

Setting her beautiful words set against a variety of creative and nature-themed backgrounds, Alix Klingenberg is one of the most inspiring Instapoets to follow. Her work is fresh and unexpected, while containing timeless truths we can all relate to.

5. Taylor Ashley

Poet and writer Taylor Ashley is on a quest to promote healing within herself and others through her captivating words. The posts on her account, Taylor Ashley Poetry, feature dreamy poems set against ethereal backgrounds, exploring themes of healing, faith, truth and authenticity.

Cheers to Instapoets, who are making poetry accessible to everyone 🥂! This month we’re toasting to culture creators who are making a big splash online, like these digital artists.

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