These Digital Artists Are Making a Big Impact Online

Published on September 16, 2021

Digital art with colorful lights

Art is no longer defined in terms of just painting, drawing and sculpture. Almost anything can be art today, and as a result, new and exciting art forms are emerging every day. As technology evolves, artists are looking for new ways to express themselves through mediums that may not have been traditionally viewed as platforms for artistry. This new perspective presents a fascinating opportunity for digital artists, who prove to us that they can make stunning art right on their devices.

Digital Artists You Need To Know About

Hoping to soak up more art in your life? Here are five digital artists who are using technology and off-the-beaten-path mediums as vehicles for art:

1. David McLeod

Living and working in Australia, David McLeod is a digital artist and designer who’s inspired by the exploration of new visual territories, including CGI (computer-generated imagery). Having worked with clients like Apple and Dropbox, McLeod’s work is at once surreal, colorful and vibrant.

2. Mandy Jurgens

Illustrator and painter Mandy Jurgens only began seriously pursuing her love for painting at age 29, but she’s already developed a successful career as a painter and amassed a solid following on Instagram. Her work is mainly beautiful portraits of women in fantasy-like settings, making use of color and light in magical and unexpected ways.

3. Hal Lasko

Known affectionately as “the Pixel Painter,” Hal Lasko was a lifelong artist who began using Microsoft Paint as a vehicle for his artistry at age 85. He turned to the platform after he was diagnosed with a chronic eye disease that led to vision impairment. Lasko still managed to create beautiful and inspiring artwork without the use of paint. He passed away just shy of his 99th birthday in 2014. In his last year of life, Lasko held his first solo gallery show, spoke at a conference, and was even featured in a Super Bowl commercial. Learn more about him by watching the documentary created about his life.

4. Beeple

As cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and blockchain gain popularity in the finance world, some digital artists are making art out of the currency by turning NFTs or “non-fungible tokens” into unique artworks. One such artist is Beeple or Mike Winkelmann, who recently sold one of his NFT works for $69 million at auction. The works themselves are mostly surrealist depictions of technology, pop culture and monsters with a satirical edge – all made with striking colors.

5. Sara Shakeel

Previously working as a dentist, today Sara Shakeel calls herself an “artrepreneur” who uses art as a vehicle for healing. The London-based, Pakistani digital artist uses glitter and Swarovski crystals to adorn photographs and other objects, giving them a fantastic, sparkling glow (think Edward Cullen in the sun but way more beautiful). The subjects of her art span everything from pop culture to fashion to architecture, but it all has the same scintillating glow that’s become her signature.

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