The Art of Celebration

Published on April 17, 2020

The Art of Celebration - 100 Women Winning Seminar | Next Level Mastery RED Table Talks

Birthdays, weddings, new job, new apartment, new website… we always find reasons to celebrate! Even as we all go through this particularly trying time, people are still finding ways to raise a socially-distant glass or two.

Celebrations let us stop and savour what’s good. They bring us together and give us something to look forward to. They give us a much-needed break from the monotony of everyday life. When we’re celebrating, we live in the moment and it’s downright magical. The funny thing is, the reasons we celebrate don’t matter all that much. Big or small, we’re all delighting in the simple pleasure of sharing happiness and joy with the people we love. It’s that feeling you get watching a friend’s face light up as they get serenaded with an awkward rendition of Happy Birthday. Or the nervous giggles as you slowly inch the cork out of a bottle of bubbly – will it hit the ceiling, or overflow in that oh-so dramatic way? Either way, have those coupes ready!

But what do we mean when we talk about the art of celebration? In essence it’s all about those special touches you make to elevate a party from festive to unforgettable. You know the old cliché “it’s the journey not the destination?” Well it’s true isn’t it? Celebrating is more than the event itself. It’s the build-up and the planning. Take a break from stressing about your job, so you can think about fun things like whether you’re going to bust out that cute 60s tassel dress you bought at Better Off Duds, and maybe pair it with those gorgeous handmade heels you picked up at Last Shoes (shop local!) The fact is, party planning is fun!

Sure, there are the more practical decisions involving guest lists – these days small and intimate and preferably outdoors, or maybe online. But there’s more to consider like what the menu should be and which place settings you should use. Will it be a sit-down affair, or will your guests graze from a well-curated charcuterie and cheese board from the Bulk Cheese Warehouse? Suddenly, you find yourself asking questions like: “Do people still like canapés? What even is a canapé!?.”

And don’t forget bar service. Nice wines, some local beers, and of course a few non-alcoholic options! You might even consider a signature cocktail – these days we’re partial to the French 75, but the choice is yours! It’s a great opportunity to get a little weird and try something new. Recreate that cocktail you had that one time at the James Lobby Bar. Just remember, your guests will have to make it home at the end of the night! And you may as well make up the guest bedroom just in case someone has a few too many.

Finally, no celebration is complete without the right soundtrack. Planning the perfect playlist ahead of time will save you from having someone hijack the stereo.

These days, it’s hard to imagine when we’ll be back to enjoying those big joyous moments of communal celebrations with strangers, but for now we can dream, and think of that brighter future that may involve a few glasses of bubbly. Until then, we hope you keep finding ways to celebrate and toast to something special.

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