7 of the Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

Published on August 26, 2021

vegetable dish at one of the best vegan restaurants in toronto

Toronto’s vegan scene has exploded in recent years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. No matter which area of the city you dwell in, there seems to be a new smoothie bar, plant-based restaurant or vegan bakery popping up on every block.

Whether you live a vegan lifestyle for ethical or health reasons or are a weekday vegan for environmental reasons, or you just like the taste of yummy treats that are free of animal products, the plant-based options in the city are endless. To help you select your next place to eat, we’ve rounded up the best vegan restaurants in Toronto.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

1. Rosalinda

Bringing together fresh, seasonal produce and great wine, Rosalinda is the perfect place for a romantic plant-based date or just catching up with friends. Some of the menu highlights include the kale tempeh Caesar, the mushroom pizza and the eggplant parm, but you’re sure to love every dish they have on offer.

2. LOV

Combining all the comfort of your favourite dishes like sushi, falafels and poutine without the animal products, LOV on King West is ideal for treating yourself to something special. Filled with plants, bright open space and cheery colors, the restaurant has a vibrant atmosphere that will no doubt put you in a great mood.

3. Bar Vegandale

With a slogan like “mix drinks not morals,” what vegan wouldn’t love Bar Vegandale? Here, you’ll find more delicious vegan comfort food like mac and cheese, burgers, chicken fingers and fried shrimp, all served in a welcoming, laid-back environment on Queen Street.

4. The Hogtown Vegan

Dine on southern-style vegan comfort food like “unchicken and waffles”, fries, mash and gravy and cool beers at this well-loved vegan hotspot on College Street. Don’t miss their selection of refreshing local wines and mouth-watering vegan desserts like the ice cream sandwich and bourbon apple pie.

5. Fresh

It wouldn’t be a Toronto vegan roundup if we didn’t mention Fresh. With a menu full of satisfying classics like their nutritious buddha bowl, fresh cold-pressed juices, tons of salads and now six vegan pizzas, it’s no wonder Fresh has been so popular in the city for so many years. Fresh now has 10 locations in Ontario, and they’ve also recently expanded to LA on Sunset Boulevard.

6. Planta

With a beautifully curated atmosphere and aesthetic at all its various locations and offshoots across Toronto, Florida and New York, Planta has created a plant-based super brand. Planta is best-known for dishes like its burgers, pizza and tacos, but really anything on their menu will be a hit.

7. Parka Food Co.

As the latest addition to Toronto’s vegan scene, Parka Food Co. wants to help you “warm your heart, not the planet” with its impressive array of plant-based comfort food. Their menu has something for everyone with plenty of bowls and salads, breakfast sandwiches, onion rings, fries and even packaged pantry items like chipotle aioli and cashew cheese sauce.

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