Buffalo Vegan Restaurants: Where to Go for Plant-Based Options

Published on August 28, 2021

vegan burger on a plate at a buffalo vegan restaurant

Buffalo’s food scene has been evolving quickly in recent years. Fresh, healthy food is becoming more of a priority, and vegan restaurants have been slowly popping up all over Buffalo.

Many people have started switching up their diets as of late, whether for their health, climate change, or simply to try something new. Buffalo is no different, and as a result, there are more and more vegan and plant-based options in the city every day.

5 Must-Try Vegan Restaurants in Buffalo

Whether you’re after soup, salads, smoothies or another delicious vegan concoction of your choosing, check out one of these five vegan restaurants in Buffalo:

1. Big Mood

As Buffalo’s first-ever vegan restaurant to be featured in the New York Times, you already know you’re in for a treat at Big Mood (plus — its name says it all!). Located on Buffalo’s Elmwood Avenue, Big Mood has a 100 percent plant-based menu featuring comfort food favorites like mac and cheese, burgers and 12 different ice cream sundaes to choose from.

2. Betty’s

Betty’s has been serving up delicious food in the Buffalo community since 2004, which goes to show how much of a hit it’s been for almost 20 years. Located on Virginia Street, Betty’s draws on international and American influences with its menu items, and while it’s not exclusively vegan, it offers up “the vegan tour of Buffalo,” a vegan version of local favorites for just $16. Right now this option includes a house-made seitan “beef,” buffalo “chick’n wyngs” and vegan bleu “cheeze” served with tater tots.

3. Go Veggies

While Go Veggies isn’t a restaurant per se, it’s a staple of the Buffalo vegan community that shouldn’t go unmentioned. Established with the mission of promoting health and wellbeing in Buffalo, Go Veggies provides access to convenient and affordable vegan entrees and burgers at local farmer’s markets and grocery stores to make vegan living a breeze.

4. Sunshine Vegan Eats

Located on Jefferson Avenue, Sunshine Vegan Eats was born out of a desire to spread the health and wellness benefits of a vegan diet to the Buffalo community without sacrificing taste. Choose from a wide variety of smoothies and juices and cookies to stay healthy while on the go, or stay awhile and munch on hearty vegan options like the sunshine breakfast, the vegan Buffalo ranch chicken sandwich or loaded nachos.

5. Café 59

Located at 62 Allen Street, Café 59 is another option that’s not exclusively vegan but still offers a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian options, in case you’re planning on dining out with a pure meat eater. Some of the café’s vegan options include tabbouleh, sweet and sour beets, hummus and focaccia and the grilled Portobello sandwich.

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