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Boost Your Iron Intake – Drop in a Lucky Iron Fish®

Published on February 1, 2021

a pot of tomato soup with a small iron lucky fish laying in the midde to boost your iron intake
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February is Valentine’s Month, which draws our attention to matters of the heart. But, what about our energy? After all, it’s been a challenging year, and it might feel as if we don’t have the energy to celebrate with loved ones. What if low energy isn’t just stress-related? What if our body is missing key nutrients that increase vitality and improve our ability to focus? What if you need to boost your iron intake?

A young mother holding a baby  while her daughter holds up a lucky iron fish,a tool to boost your iron intake
Dropping a Lucky Iron Fish® in your soups and beverages will boost your iron intake

Iron deficiency is the world’s largest nutritional challenge impacting more than two billion people. Iron is the nutrient that helps blood move oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body and it helps muscles store and use oxygen. It’s also an essential nutrient during pregnancy and early childhood, so it’s important to boost your iron intake.

Low iron levels can impact:

Energy levels
Performance at work/school
Cognitive development
Learning & earning potential
six sliced lemons arranged with a Lucky Iron Fish®, a tool to boost your iron intake
Boost your iron intake by adding a Lucky Iron Fish® to any boiling liquid for 10 minutes

Eating foods that are iron-rich is not always feasible, which is why Lucky Iron Fish® created an ingenious way to ensure we increase our intake of iron. Lucky Iron Fish is a simple and effective cooking tool that adds extra iron to your daily foods or drinks when added to any boiling liquid for 10 minutes. With this, you can now easily boost your iron intake through soups, stews, cooked grains, and even just your drinking water.   

The product was born out of a doctorate research, and the efficacy of the Fish/Leaf has been tested in 11 clinical trials and six laboratory/hospital trials. But the best part is that a portion of each sale is used to help undernourished communities locally and internationally.

Lucky Iron Fish® is a Canadian social enterprise dedicated to helping people all over the world consume iron more easily


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