Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree Ideas That Will Look Awesome in Your Home

Published on November 18, 2021

A Christmas tree decorated with eco-friendly decorations

As many of us take steps to be more environmentally friendly in the face of the climate crisis, the holidays are an excellent time to cut back on the amount of waste we produce, and instead opt for more sustainable alternatives. Find out what eco-friendly Christmas tree ideas will look great in your home.  

Reducing Waste This Holiday Season

Living a sustainable life doesn’t have to be stressful, and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the things that make you happy — it’s all about making easy swaps that contribute to a better world.

When it comes to the holidays, people in North America are notorious for producing tons of waste from things like wrapping paper, plastic packaging, Christmas ornaments and the like. One common element of the holiday season that’s become a point of contention for its environmental impact is the Christmas tree.

While some people argue that real Christmas trees are less detrimental to the environment because they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, others have noted that Christmas tree farms displace ecosystems, and many of the trees ultimately end up in landfills when January hits. However, artificial Christmas trees made of PVC (a type of plastic) also end up in landfills, and they’re often shipped to North America from factories overseas, which is decidedly not eco-friendly.

4 Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree Ideas

So, what’s an environmentally conscious holiday lover to do in this situation? Here are a few eco-friendly Christmas tree ideas you might want to try:

1. Thrift a Christmas Tree

One way to cut back on waste this holiday season is to buy your Christmas tree second-hand at your local thrift shop. This way, you’ll save plenty of cash (which always comes in handy around this time of year), and you can also reuse your tree year after year, which means you won’t be contributing to landfills.

2. Make a Christmas Tree Out of Sticks Found in Nature

In the mood for a DIY session? Instead of buying a Christmas tree this year, you could try making one yourself out of twigs and sticks found in nature. Not only will this be a fun activity for you and your loved ones, but the end result will give your home a chic, rustic and earthy look.

3. Invest in a Potted Pine for Your Home

Why have a Christmas tree in your home for a couple weeks of the year when you can have one year-round? A great alternative to your average Christmas tree is a potted Norfolk Island Pine, which can easily thrive inside, especially when it’s near a window. This option could also be a great way to save space if you live in a smaller home or apartment.

4. Create a Wall of Lights

Who said a Christmas tree needs to have a trunk and pine needles? Instead of opting for a traditional Christmas tree this year, get creative by crafting a wall of lights with stickers, ornaments or even family photos hung up by clothespins for a heartwarming touch like this Instagram user did.

We hope you try out one of these eco-friendly Christmas tree ideas in your home!

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