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Environment & Sustainability

headshot of stacey martin lifestyle designer
Environment & Sustainability

Stacey Martin Lifestyle Designs: “Remember Where You Wore Me”

As North American women continue to value comfort, sustainability and style in their clothing, Ottawa native Stacey Martin is making an impact with her conscious lifestyle brand and ethically made designs. Stacey is the founder and CEO of Stacey Martin Lifestyle (her clothing brand was formerly known as KANIA). It’s a Canadian luxe loungewear company that aims to push the boundaries of the current fashion industry. “With only 14 per cent of major fashion brands

Eco Tee Co. produces sustainable, fashion-forward apparel
Environment & Sustainability

Sustainable Fashion-Forward Clothing by EcoTee

For those who love fashion trends and care about the environment, there frequently is a conflict. We seek to find fashion-forward, sustainable clothing options (colour,

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Environment & Sustainability

Locally-Made Ethical Clothing & Masks from Encircled

Since 2012, the Toronto-based apparel company, Encircled, have focused on designing and selling stylish, versatile and comfortable loungewear – locally-made ethical clothing. And while building