Amazing Sustainable Communities Around the World

Published on July 13, 2022

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Have you ever dreamt of ditching your corporate job, overpriced apartment and the city in favor of pursuing a sustainable lifestyle? Good news: many others had the same dream and have actually followed through on it. To inspire you, we’ve collected four amazing sustainable communities around the world where people are living their best eco-friendly life.

Sustainable Communities Around the World

Around the world, people have come together to design alternative communities founded on principles of sustainability, living in tandem with mother nature and treading lightly on the earth. These sustainable communities have provided a way of living that feels more aligned, natural and kind to the people who live there, so if you’re hoping to reinvent yourself and adopt a new lifestyle, you may want to pay a visit to one of them.

Here are four impressive eco-villages around the world that could offer a new way of looking at the world and living in alignment with the rhythms of nature:

1. Lammas Ecovillage

Located in Preseli Hills in North Pembrokeshire, Wales, the off-grid Lammas Ecovillage is a collection of funky eco-dwellings built with both traditional farming and modern innovations in environmental design in mind. In line with the Welsh Government’s One Planet Development policy, the community offers guided tours, courses and volunteer experiences to help people learn about sustainable, eco-friendly models of living.

2. Whole Village

Created by a group of people who were inspired to live a more meaningful, responsible and alternative lifestyle, Whole Village in Caledon, Ontario is one of the communities that prides itself on actively working towards a more sustainable future while rejecting the cultural norms that have brought us to the precarious position we find ourselves in today. The community comprises two houses, a barn and sheds on a 191-acre farm with a hardwood forest, a wetland, pastureland and fertile crop land.

3. PachaMama Eco Village

Located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, the PachaMama Eco Village is one of the sustainable communities that was designed for those hoping to live a more ecologically conscious lifestyle and coexist in harmony with mother earth. The 500-acre land has been healed and reforested, and is now used for growing 100% organic food, housing, water recycling, education and much more.

4. Cinderland Ecovillage

Nestled two miles from the easternmost tip of Hawaii’s Big Island, Cinderland Ecovillage is a paradise for self-sustainability, organic gardening and permaculture. The community is located just minutes away from everything you could possibly need for a natural, sustainable lifestyle: beaches, tide pools, ecstatic dance, health food stores and much more.

Lead graphic by Boyko.Pictures/Adobe Stock.

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