Free Fridays at Soul Fuel Fitness – Find the Joy in Movement

Published on April 21, 2021

woman in pink top and purple workout pants flexing her bicep, free fridays at soul fuel fitness

Soul Fuel Fitness wants you to FALL IN LOVE WITH FITNESS FOREVER. Join the movement and feel the difference for yourself. Jump into FREE FRIDAYS at Soul Fuel!

Founded by Fitness Expert Melissa-Jane (MJ) Shaw,  was born out of the desire to create a space where fitness is an act of EMPOWERMENT, of STRENGTHening from the inside out, of finding JOY in moving your body.

Soul Fuel welcomes both fitness gurus and novices alike, where participants feel challenged, but not intimated, no matter where they are in their fitness journey. 

Jump into Free Fridays at Soul Fuel and find your joy!

9:00am: IG Live workout sample

3:30pm: Fuel Flow Yoga on Zoom (sign up HERE)

8:15pm: Soul Talks on IG Live

2 women in a free fridays at soul fuel fitness workout session

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