Never Stop Learning: Education is 1 of 7 Keys By Jess Tetu

Published on December 12, 2020

Jess Tetu has 7 keys to entrepreneurial success

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Toast talks to Saskatoon-based serial entrepreneur Jess Tetu, who coaches us to never stop learning. This column is all about her third key to entrepreneurial success: education.

#1 – Goal Writing

#2 – Be Tenacious & Commit Deeply!

#3 – Education 

#4 – Stress Management & Support Systems 

#5 – Network

#6 – Stay Inspired 

#7 – Give Back

#3 – Education 

No matter what the industry, become an expert in what you do and never stop learning! 

There is a huge mistake that I see entrepreneurs make. Once they become somewhat successful, they stop educating themselves and their teams. 

The economy, industry trends and customers’ needs will continue to change, and if you do not prepare to change and adapt alongside, your growth will immediately slow down. Plus, your competitors who do adapt and stay educated will have the advantage. No industry will stay the same forever and you need to stay current. Read articles, find studies, analyze current trends, do research, and continue to educate yourself and your team as often as you can. 

Tips for Ensuring Continuous Learning: Never Stop Learning

Sign up learning opportunities

for and attend industry trade shows, conferences and educational webinars. These can be vital to staying current with trends, can provide new skills or ideas, and can completely re-energize and revitalize your passion for what you do.

Continue your education

Broaden your knowledge to help you learn to be adaptable. It’s very important you let go of the “we’ve always done it that way” mindset. The key is to remain open-minded and prepared to move in a different direction on short notice. The nature of business is ever-changing! As entrepreneurs, we need to constantly re-evaluate our businesses and the market in which we thrive. While doing so, as nimble entrepreneurs we can continuously adapt when unexpected changes do occur.

Make learning fun

Join mastermind groups, create personal and team challenges, and set goals to reach educational milestones. Perhaps it’s encouraging your team to complete an online learning program or to attend an educational webinar. Or it could be as simple as a book challenge. Often, if these challenges are met with rewards, the experience can become a fun opportunity for your team to learn and develop together.

Dive into unfamiliar areas of your business

With the Internet at our fingertips and Google readily available, challenge yourself to learn about the aspects of your business that you aren’t as strong in.

Know the marketplace

Although staying educated in your industry is key, it is equally as important to stay educated in the market and more specifically your customer or client. Ensure that you know who your target market is. Learn as much as you can about the people you’re selling to, so that you can learn how best to serve them with your products or services. This may change as business goes on, so staying on top of your market research is instrumental for business longevity.

Hire a mentor

If you aren’t sure how to grow, you feel unmotivated, lost or struggling, a mentor can help guide you in the right direction and provide you with the tools you need.

Learn from your competitors and moreso from your business idols. What are they doing that you aren’t? What is working for them? What unique things are these businesses implementing, and how can you integrate similar ideas into your business? Don’t be afraid to look outside of your industry for inspiration. Create a list of businesses beyond your specific line of work who you feel are leaders in their fields.

Remember: You don’t always have to “re-invent the wheel.” You can utilize aspects of existing creative ideas that will inspire you to build something that will work for your business. Be creative! 

Jess Tetu has 7 keys to success
Jess Tetu has 7 keys to entrepreneurial success

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The Author
Jess Tetu is a Canadian serial entrepreneur making waves across the country in the beauty and spa industry while making an impact on her community through her dedication to philanthropy. Overcoming adversity at a very young age, she began her adult life on her own at the age of 15, and through dedication, determination and hard work has become a national award-winning philanthropist and entrepreneur. Jessica is the sole owner of four Just For You Day Spas in Saskatchewan & Alberta, Founder & CEO of Lia Reese Canada, (Saskatchewan’s Beauty Brand), Co-Founder of Entrepreneur306 Mentorship & Consulting and Founder & CEO of 4seventyone Recovery Resources, a non-for-profit charity she created. Jess was named one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40, awarded the SK Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Community Leadership award, YWCA Women of Distinction Award, and most recently received one of Canada’s most coveted awards when she was named one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women.