Be Tenacious and Commit Deeply: 1 of 7 Keys by Jess Tetu

Published on December 11, 2020

Jess Tetu has 7 keysa to entrepreneurial success

Toast talks to Saskatoon-based serial entrepreneur Jess Tetu. This column is all about her second key to entrepreneurial success – how to be tenacious and commit deeply.

#1 – Goal Writing

#2 – Be Tenacious & Commit Deeply!

#3 – Education 

#4 – Stress Management & Support Systems 

#5 – Network

#6 – Stay Inspired 

#7 – Give Back

#2 – Be Tenacious & Commit Deeply!

“The struggle leads to the strength, that leads us to SUCCESS.”

Deep commitment, focused planning and getting back up when you fall

Taking on the world of entrepreneurship is no easy task. You have to have thick skin and be prepared to commit deeply to your goals. It takes so much more than a great idea or product to become a successful entrepreneur. It takes deep commitment, very focused planning, and an ability to keep getting back up when you fall (and believe me, you WILL fall).

Your entrepreneurial journey is going to be backbreaking work. There will be times you may want to give up, and it’s essential to understand that it is simply part of the process and learn to re-motivate yourself.

It’s not for everyone, though. It takes a certain mindset to own your own business or become an entrepreneur, especially if you want to experience a multifaceted entrepreneurial journey. 

Over the years, I’ve often heard people say: “I want to be an entrepreneur so that I can be the boss and work whenever I want.” I quickly remind them that it often means working harder than you have ever worked before and, likely, far more often than any regular job would expect you to.

As a committed entrepreneur, you have to be able to push through the trying times and stay dedicated. Hard times pass, but you have to learn to ride the entrepreneurial roller coaster to succeed. 

Tips to stay committed

Be prepared to make sacrifices during your start-up. Your venture will likely require all of your attention — at least in the beginning (and often throughout) if you want to stay on top and be successful.

Solve problems quickly. Stay ahead of things, so they don’t pile up. Procrastination is the quickest way to ensure failure.

Follow a strict schedule and stay organized. We tend to get so busy being busy, and sometimes we don’t actually get anywhere. Stay focused on your goals, follow a strict schedule and ensure you allocate time for the things you enjoy, like family time and recreation.

Tips to avoid becoming overwhelmed

Get lots of sleep. It may seem hard in those stressful moments, but put yourself on a sleep program if you must. Being well-rested is key.

Get plenty of exercise, eat well and drink lots of water. Staying healthy is so important, and if you are not feeling well, you won’t be able to keep up.

Tips to ensure your survival

Never be afraid to ask for help. If you’re struggling with something, ask for guidance or assistance. The biggest mistake you can make in business is trying to do it all yourself. Find good help, train people well and delegate.

Stay focused on your goals (see my first column on Goal Writing).

Commit to staying educated, inspired and motivated. Ensure you are continuing to include these essential elements in your daily schedule. Read books and inspiring stories, listen to podcasts, follow thought-provoking leaders and stay connected.

Finding balance between your career and personal life

My advice to every start-up entrepreneur, business owner and dream chaser out there is to stop attempting to find the perfect balance. It might not be achievable. My suggestion? Be where you need to be when you need to be there and trust your gut. Sometimes family commitments will trump all business, and sometimes your business will need you desperately. 

Balance is about give and take and making sure that when things are going well that you can take a breather. Remember to take time with your family and friends to make up for the time you sacrificed. There will be sacrifices on both sides.

Final thoughts of encouragement

There will be days that you want to throw in the towel. You will feel defeated, and like your dream of entrepreneurship is too much. This is NORMAL!

It gets hard sometimes. It just does; there’s no way around it and that’s okay. The problem isn’t that you feel challenged; the issue is if you choose to allow yourself to stay in a defeated mindset. Anyone who tells you that entrepreneurship is constant rainbows and sunshine is either lying or isn’t yet anywhere near success. To reach success, you need those bad days. Not only are bad days a test (and man, do they test us), but challenges teach us to celebrate our accomplishments and, more importantly, how to problem-solve. Wanting to give up is 100 per cent part of the entrepreneurial deal. 

Whenever I feel overwhelmed or defeated, I take time to recharge and work on new strategies to get out of my “throw in the towel” mindset. Choose to feed your passions, not to focus on the negative, and you’ll feel stronger. Learn to accept that bad days are going to happen. But it is just that — a bad day. The faster you learn to accept that, the less those days will get to you.

Remember: these are the important lessons that you will someday realize actually launched you to success!

Serial entrepreneur Jess Tetu has 7 keys to success, photo credit NEEK Photography

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The Author
Jess Tetu is a Canadian serial entrepreneur making waves across the country in the beauty and spa industry while making an impact on her community through her dedication to philanthropy. Overcoming adversity at a very young age, she began her adult life on her own at the age of 15, and through dedication, determination and hard work has become a national award-winning philanthropist and entrepreneur. Jessica is the sole owner of four Just For You Day Spas in Saskatchewan & Alberta, Founder & CEO of Lia Reese Canada, (Saskatchewan’s Beauty Brand), Co-Founder of Entrepreneur306 Mentorship & Consulting and Founder & CEO of 4seventyone Recovery Resources, a non-for-profit charity she created. Jess was named one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40, awarded the SK Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Community Leadership award, YWCA Women of Distinction Award, and most recently received one of Canada’s most coveted awards when she was named one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women.