Restore balance by cooking with joy for all the senses

Published on April 20, 2020

Coronavirus: Restore balance by cooking with joy for all the senses - Winter squash

“When everyday life seems monotonous, it‘s time for a change”

Even as the coronavirus measures restrict our lives, one place offers some balance: the kitchen. The meaningful activity of cooking, the involvement of children, the diverse sensory experiences, and the tasty dish can give us joie de vivre — and health.

“What is good for me and my family? What should we eat to stay healthy? How do we find a little enjoyment, maybe even pleasure? What builds us up?” Jasmin Peschke knows the answers to these questions. With a doctorate in oecotrophology, Peschke is a member of the Nutrition Department of the Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum and recommends that we do everything we can to strengthen our immune systems and our health. In her opinion, this includes, for example, meditation, exercise outdoors, enjoying greenery just outside your window, and even a white cloud against a blue sky — and last but not least, a home-cooked meal.

Cooking for the senses with our children restores balance

“Cooking is an art that only we humans can master — especially now, ideally with the children,” says Jasmin Peschke. After all, preparing meals appeals to many of our senses. The conscious perception of the food‘s colours and its presentation on the plate as well as the sense of smell and — together with chewing — the sense of taste are important sensory activities that are already part of digestion and prepare for the digestibility of the meal. “Last but not least, the intestinal microbiome is nourished this way, and our immune system is strengthened,” emphasizes the nutritionist. Freshly prepared meals from high-quality organic or Demeter biodynamic ingredients play an important role here. This is because they contain more secondary plant ingredients that promote health than conventionally grown foods.

All this can be done in a fun and playful way. “Some food may surprise us; we can learn about ingredients, herbs and spices and their composition, even discover that we can decorate dishes with flowers. Everything beautiful and creative has a positive effect on our organism and does wonders for our soul.” The diversity and colourful variety on the plate is also important, “especially when everyday life gets monotonous”, Jasmin Peschke believes.


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