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Saskatoon Families on Doorsteps During the Pandemic

Published on April 17, 2020

The Kardash family, Saskatoon

The Kardash Family, Saskatoon

As a stay-at-home-mom of two young children, my time was already devoted to my kids before the pandemic hit, minus mornings when my daughter went to school, and that plural became singular. I’m immeasurably grateful to be in the best possible situation; my husband is able to work from home, there’s a yard for the kids to play in, and my parents share grocery deliveries with us. But I’ll be honest… *self*-care was only starting to materialize for this mama before this weirdness, and there are times where I grieve for plan A. 

Happily, the weather has finally caught up to the season and we’ve been enjoying nature in our own backyard. The sun and warmth has put us all in a more optimistic mood and although we won’t be hosting a backyard BBQ with all our friends anytime soon, the optimism that we will do those things again *someday* feels present. Until then, we’re in this together with all of you. You know, together, but with at least two metres between us.

Photo courtesy Ensoul & Endearment Imagery

The Yuzwa Family, Saskatoon

Since the world slowed down, our family has had to slow down with it and give up constant activity. The living room has become our dance studio and gymnastics area, the kitchen table is our messy art studio, and books are open more. Some days are structured and scheduled, and some plans are made on the spot depending on how we feel that day. 

It has been hard to be separated from grandparents and from friends and family, and major trips and events have been cancelled. But it has been nice to have the chance to take a breath and reconnect with our kids instead of constantly running. We have learned what we can do without and how much we have that we don’t need. Being able to participate in “normal” activities like family photos while social distancing has helped make things easier during this time.

Photo courtesy Ensoul & Endearment Imagery

The Squire Family, Saskatoon

How’s life?  Different is an understatement. Normally we are booked up with work, events and extracurriculars — basically two ships in the night. Although the uncertainty has been stressful, I really appreciate my time at home. Spending this time with our son, Rome, has been, well… the maternity leave I didn’t really have. The slower pace of life is nice; it reminds us of growing up in North Battleford. Although Joel is still working, we have spent so much more quality time together as a family. That has been the greatest blessing.  

Launching my online store (which has been on the back burner for a decade) has also been a pretty exciting accomplishment. I have been able to create a studio at home so I can continue to fulfill orders as they come in for custom clothing and accessories.

After this?  There is no getting back to normal. The world will forever be altered, something none of us expected to experience in our lifetimes. But change is good and we must evolve to survive. This has reminded all of humanity that we are equals; we are all in this together. With compassion, understanding and a fresh appreciation for community, we will make it through. And when we do, get ready, I’m coming in for a hug!  

Photo courtesy Ensoul & Endearment Imagery

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