The Secret to Unlimited Possibilities

Published on April 2, 2021

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What If’s are commonly thought of as negative.

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“What if I miss out on another opportunity?”

“What if there’s something better?”

But what if I told you, what if’s can not only be positive but actually hold the secret to tapping into unlimited possibility?

What If Up is a game originally created by Eva Gregory and Jeanna Gabellini. It helps individuals who are feeling stuck find endless possibilities.

How to What If Up

Teresa Wornstaff, a Collaborative Leadership Advisor, fell in love with the What If Up game through the conscious business growth community, Shift/Co.

“To get started, we clear energy, either through breathing or another form. Then we identify who is ready to elevate success. That person shares the problem or opportunity they’re looking for insights on. That individual receives ideas and inspiration from other conscious entrepreneurs who offer “what if up” suggestions on how to move forward.

“The receiver’s role is be open to the suggestions that ignite their passion and energy. When we are finished with the suggestions, we encourage the receiver to identify the one idea that inspired them most. They then make a commitment to move forward within 24 hours. The What If Up energy has launched businesses, programs, strategies and new concepts.”

Why It Works

Teresa has seen What If Up work numerous times.

“Recently we empowered an individual to get focused on one specific next step, rather than a range of possibilities. They were able to overcome their idea overload and take the best next step.

“I’ve also seen someone else feel empowered to open themselves up for speaking opportunities and immediately opportunities showed up.”

What If Up helps individuals find the optimal steps forward so they can follow their paths to succeed. “I believe when we open ourselves to a community, it allows in greater possibilities. When we stay within our own bubble and what’s known, we become very siloed in our perspective. When you’re in a community that’s inherently about growth, creation, and possibilities, you can’t help but ride that energy with them.”

Shift Success Using What If Up

Shift/Co is hosting a free What If Up event open to all conscious entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Join the Shift/Community to jumpstart business success, using the What If Up methodology. During this power hour, you’ll learn how to shift your mindset and elevate success.

What IF…you had more resources than you realized? What IF the answers to business growth were in your reach?

Register here and start to what if up!

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