Virtual Cultivator Event Looking for Next Big Agriculture Startup

Published on June 11, 2021

scientist in food lab under pink lights supported by virtual cultivator event

If you work in the agriculture industry, you know farmers are truly some of the best problem solvers in the game. They’re constantly dreaming up creative and innovative solutions to everyday problems, which is why agriculture attracts some of the best and brightest talent out there.

To celebrate the up-and-coming talent in this space, a business incubator powered by Conexus Credit Union called Cultivator is holding a virtual 24-hour startup event for creators working in agriculture, tech, business or design on June 16th and 17th.

The 24 Hour Startup AgTech event will connect some of Canada’s top talent to join forces and create a minimum viable product (MVP) that solves a problem faced by the agriculture industry today — all in just 24 hours.

Teams Could Win up to $7,000 at Cultivator Event

Sound like a fun challenge? To make this opportunity even more exciting, at the end of the 24 hours, each team will pitch their startup ideas to a panel of judges to potentially win a cash prize of up to $7,000. But at the end of the day, the real prize will be the connections you make and the innovative ideas you come up with alongside your team.

The best part is that anyone from across the country can join in because the Cultivator event is fully virtual. All tech gurus, marketing stars and serial entrepreneurs from coast to coast are invited to join in and experience the wild ride of launching a startup in just 24 hours.

massive indoor vegetable gardening supported by virtual cultivator event

Grand Finale Includes Pitching Your Startup Idea

All you need to attend the event is a computer, a strong internet connection, a growth mindset, and of course enough snacks and caffeine to keep you going throughout the challenge (confirming you are still allowed to sleep, though). Not only will you have a chance to connect with likeminded creators and expert mentors throughout the event, but as an added bonus, you’ll also be gifted with a swag bag to commemorate the experience.

The event will culminate in the grand finale on Thursday, June 17th from 3 to 5 p.m., when all the teams will pitch their ideas to the panel of expert judges for critiquing. You never know, you just might win the title of the next big agriculture startup.

4 John Deere combines and 2 tractors harvesting a ripe drop

Cultivator Supports Startups in the Prairies

Cultivator, the business incubator hosting the event, has supported several successful startups in the prairies through coaching, mentorship, product development and more. Some of the startups the company has supported in the local business community in Saskatoon and Regina include Deliverr.ca, BrewNinja and Beautiful Mood, a journaling app that helps people track their moods.  

“We believe the prairies are home to some of the world’s most resilient founders and we’re here to support them by proving Saskatchewan is the place to be, not just a place to be from,” Cultivator’s website reads.

How to Participate in the Cultivator Event

The cost to participate in the 24 Hour Startup AgTech event is $25. Sign up at Eventbrite.ca or visit Cultivator.ca for more information.

The event is part of Canada’s Farm Show 2021, which will take place across the same two days, is also fully virtual this year, bringing together over 500 exhibitors and 30,000 buyers, manufacturers and industry experts together from across the country.

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