5 Empowering Thought Prompts for Your Next Hot Girl Walk

Published on June 9, 2021

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Last Updated: Oct. 18, 2022. So you’ve heard of Hot Girl Summer, but what’s the Hot Girl Walk, and why should it be the latest component of your wellness routine? Originally popularized by TikTok users looking to “glow up” for summer, the Hot Girl Walk is really just a catchy term for a four-mile, hour-long walk that helps you build confidence, empower yourself and get healthy. The Hot Girl Walk was created by TikToker Mia, who describes herself as the “CEO of Hot Girl Walk.” With over 500 million views of the hashtag, it’s morphed into a full-blown confidence movement.

Boost Your Mood with a Hot Girl Walk

A daily walk is a natural mood booster that can remove you from the anxieties of pandemic life and give your mind the space to feel more clarity. All this translated into Gen Z speak? We stan the Hot Girl Walk because it makes you a total baddie, no cap (sorry, that was cheugy of us).

Many industry professionals are on board with the Hot Girl Walk workout, because it’s all about becoming your most healthy, confident self.

So, what are you really supposed to be thinking about during the Hot Girl Walk, other than how cute you look in your new athleisure outfit? You’ve heard of journal prompts, but thought prompts are equally as effective if you don’t have a pen and paper in hand.

Empowering Thought Prompts for your next Hot Girl Walk

The next time you step out for a Hot Girl Walk to set your glow up in motion for the summer and stay on top of your mental health, use one of these thought prompts to help empower yourself (because let’s face it, being “hot” is just a state of mind!).

black woman on her next hot girl walk in the desert

1. What Qualities Do You Love About Yourself?

The Hot Girl Walk is all about feeling confident and empowered in your own skin, so the next time you’re out for a stroll, contemplate at least three of your best qualities and why you’re proud of them. They could be physical things like your hair or your skin, but you could also focus on character traits like how intelligent you are or how compassionate you are towards your friends. Whatever qualities you choose to ponder, you’ll definitely feel a little lighter after this thought exercise.

2. Remember a Time Someone Complimented You.

Whether it was your high school English teacher praising your short story skills or a friend admiring your toned arms, reminiscing on past compliments we’ve received can help us revive that glow of pride and stir up positive feelings when we’re feeling down. On your next Hot Girl Walk, try to remember two or three of these moments you haven’t thought of in a while, replaying the instance in your mind and how it made you feel to conjure those same positive emotions.

3. Visualize Yourself Accomplishing a Milestone Goal.

It doesn’t matter if you want to climb Mount Everest or run five kilometres — the point of this thought prompt is to visualize yourself accomplishing a goal so your nervous system can begin to adjust to what it would feel like to get there in reality. The more you do this on your next Hot Girl Walk, the more you will prep yourself for the real deal and train your mind to truly believe you have the power to achieve your dreams.

4. Think About Someone You Admire and Why They Inspire You.

Sometimes, the quickest way to gain inspiration is to think about someone in your life you admire and some of the qualities they have that you’d like to emulate. This person could be a friend, a close family member, a celebrity or an artist, but it’s important that they embody empowering characteristics like strength, creativity or compassion. Remember, the qualities you admire in others are simply a reflection of those same qualities within you, so use your focus to amplify them.

5. Reflect on a Recent Challenge You Overcame.

We often don’t give ourselves enough credit for the milestones and accomplishments we reach in life. There’s no doubt the past year has been a particular challenge for all of us, so use your next Hot Girl Walk to give yourself a pat on the back and appreciate how far you’ve come.

It’s common knowledge that walking anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 steps a day can have several health benefits, including reducing your risk of heart disease. Walking also packs a serious punch when it comes to mental health benefits, including stress reduction and a lower risk of depression.

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