Editor’s Letter: September 2022 

Published on August 31, 2022

Silvia Pikal, chief editor, toast magazine

Dear readers,

At toast, we’re tired of the negative news cycle and toxic social media feeds – our goal is to provide an antidote to that and be a source of positivity.  

While we’ve covered many different topics, including sustainability, wellness and just-for-fun content, what gets us really excited is talking about people who inspire us.

That’s where our heart is. So, from now on, toast will exclusively showcase stories about inspiring people.

To celebrate this new focus, we’ll be dropping daily stories about good people doing good things for the next 30 days.

Moving forward, our promise to you is that when you visit mytoastlife.com or our social media feeds, you’ll read about someone who will inspire you to do better, think better and feel better.

If you like how this sounds, please read our articles and share with your friends and family through our social channels.

We want toast to be the pick-me-up you read every morning to inspire you, because we are endlessly inspired by the people we feature on the website. We believe in what they are doing and think you will too.

If there’s an inspiring person, business, celebrity, athlete, activist, artist, influencer (or animal!) you’d love to read about on toast, contact us! We’ve love to tell their story.


Silvia Pikal

Lead photo by Jennifer Friesen.

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The Author
Silvia Pikal is a writer and editor based in Calgary, Alberta. She loves following her curiosity wherever it takes her, telling stories about the making of a ghost opera or the latest developments in health care. Her fiction and non-fiction have been published in dozens of magazines, a short story anthology and most notably, on Blindman Brewing beer cans. When she’s not writing or editing, she’s going on adventures with her husband, Derek, and their spunky rescue dog, Mala.