Sustainable Baby Products Your Little One Will Love

Published on September 28, 2021

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You may have noticed the explosion of adorable baby clothes, toys and accessories recently. The global baby products market is expected to reach $15.6 billion by 2026! If you’re hoping to find sustainable baby products in this huge market, we’ll tell you where to look.

Experts Predict a Booming Baby Industry

Although the birth rate initially slowed down due to the pandemic, experts are now predicting we’ll soon see a baby boom. That means the industry will likely see even more growth in the near future.

Whether you’re pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant, or already a parent, you’ve likely discovered that there’s always more stuff to buy when it comes to parenting. From adorable tiny clothing to objects you didn’t know you needed, there seems to be an ever-increasing abundance of must-have baby items out there.

5 Brands Carrying Sustainable Baby Products 

As people take steps to be more environmentally conscious and help the environment, more companies are creating products that are good for your little ones and the planet to reduce plastic waste. If you’re hoping to take a green approach to parenting, here are five sustainable brands with tons of adorable baby products:

1. BabyJoy.ca 

BabyJoy.ca is your one-stop-shop for sustainable parenting. The website offers non-toxic and organic cribs and mattresses, organic baby clothes that are GOTS certified (this is the world’s leading standard for organic textiles) and super soft baby blankets made with muslin bamboo and organic cotton.

2. Go Green Baby   

Choose from a wide variety of sustainable baby products like clothing, toys and mattresses at Go Green Baby. Made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and non-toxic, water-based dye, their cocoon swaddle bag is a best seller (and it’s not hard to see why!).

3. EarthHero  

EarthHero is another sustainable option for zero waste items, clothing and baby products. This glass baby bottle will help you avoid toxic, chemical-laden plastic bottles and reduce your baby’s colic, gas and reflux — plus, it’s super stylish!

4. Pure Earth Collection

Pure Earth Collection was founded by a mom who wanted to combine her love for babies, the planet and all things natural. The collection offers everything from bedding to clothing, including these adorable natural teething rings made with organic fabric, maple wood and brushed with coconut oil.

5. Little Lentil Clothing

Just the name of this brand — Little Lentil Clothing — is enough to fall in love with. The line of sustainable, eco-friendly children’s and baby’s clothing are stylish and good for the planet. They also offer pre-loved clothing at 70% off the original price – check out their popular Loved Again collection.

Cheers to sustainable living 🥂! This month we’re toasting to sustainable products that will help reduce your carbon footprint.    

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